List of Universities in Sudan 2023: World University Ranking

You might like to know the list of universities in Sudan 2023. In this article, I will share Sudan’s all university ranking 2023 sorted by the country’s ranking. Here you will get the top 100 Universities in Sudan by country’s ranking. This list is combined with the private and public universities list of Sudan. Basically, the list of universities of Sudan is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty and student ratio, staff with a Ph.D., papers per faculty, citations per paper, international faculty and international students, etc. Besides, here you will get more information about these universities in Sudan including country rank, world rank, so on.

List of All University in Sudan

Sudan’s all university ranking list is sorted by the country’s ranking and the world’s ranking. The list is a combination of the public and private universities in Sudan.

SNUniversity NameCountry RankingWorld Ranking
University of Khartoum12896
Sudan University of Science & Technology23329
Gezira University34594
Neelain University45542
International University of Africa55835
Omdurman Islamic University66332
ElSheikh Abdullah ElBadri University78213
Alzaiem Alazhari University88315
University of Kordofan98496
Omdurman Ahlia University109882
Ahfad University for Women1110172
University of Zalingei1210282
University of Medical Sciences & Technology1311163
Nile Valley University1412299
Future University of Sudan1513384
National Ribat University1614865
Al Fashir University1715416
University of Gadarif1815862
University of Kassala1915972
University Shendi2016489
Bayan College for Science & Technology2116601
Mashreq University2216867
Open University of Sudan2317348
Red Sea University2417665
University of Bahri (University of Juba Khartoum)2518845
University of Science & Technology Omdurman2618881
University of Dongola2719427
University of Elimam Elmahdi2819613
University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences2919975
Public Health Institute3020179
Karary University3120493
National University Sudan3220753
Sudan International University3321408
Canadian Sudanese College3421979
Nile University3522360
AlMughtaribeen University3623028
University of West Kordufan3724026
Sudan Academy of Sciences3824295
Dalanj University3924587
Ibn Sina University4024886
Universityof the Holy Quran and Taseel of Science4125422
Academy of Engineering and Medical Sciences Khartoum4225860
Bakht Alruda University4325980
Sennar University4425980
University of Blue Nile4526224
University of Albutana4626337
Merowe University of Technology4726853
White Nile University4827245
Alsalam University4927776
Nahda College5027776
Elrazi University Sudan5128021
Alsharg Ahlia College5228736
Gezira College5328856
Eldaein University5429632
University of East Kordofan5529982
Sudan Technological University5630109
Al-Yarmouk College5730507
Riyadh International College5830897

I hope this article helps you to get the list of varsity/universities in Sudan with country ranking and world ranking.

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