List of Universities in Syrian Arab Republic 2023: World University Ranking

You might like to know the list of universities in the Syrian Arab Republic 2023. In this article, I will share the Syrian Arab Republic’s all university ranking 2023 sorted by the country’s ranking. Here you will get the top 100 Universities in the Syrian Arab Republic by country’s ranking. This list is combined with the private and public universities list of the Syrian Arab Republic. Basically, the list of universities of the Syrian Arab Republic is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty and student ratio, staff with a Ph.D., papers per faculty, citations per paper, international faculty and international students, etc. Besides, here you will get more information about these universities in the Syrian Arab Republic including country rank, world rank, so on.

List of All University in Syrian Arab Republic

The Syrian Arab Republic’s all university ranking list is sorted by the country’s ranking and the world’s ranking. The list is a combination of the public and private universities in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Country RankWorld RankName of University
SNUniversity NameCountry RankingWorld Ranking
Damascus University13429
Tishreen University24670
University of Aleppo34980
Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliquees et de Technologie Damascus46342
Al Baath University56601
Arab International University Damascus69633
Syrian Virtual University79972
Institut Français du Proche-Orient Damas810209
University of Kalamoon911667
Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences1012411
Syrian Private University (International Private University for Science &
International University for Science & Technology1214182
Hama University1314299
Al Jazeera University1415558
Alsham Private University1517927
Al Hawash Private University1618396
Al Furat University1718430
Manara University1818949
Wadi International University1919201
Al Wataniya Private University2019747
University of Tartus2119845
Yarmouk Private University2220803
Higher Institute of Business Administration2320803
Institut National d'Administration2422733
Ittihad Private University2523028
Syrian International Academy2623657
Academy of Health Sciences2723909
Lighthouse Academy2824205
Rojava University2924205
Antioch Syrian University3024295
Arab Private University for Science and Technology3125092
Qasyoun Private University of Science and Technology3225422
University of Cordoba3325533
Al Rasheed International Private University for Science & Technology3425641
Ebla Private University3525860
Bilad Al Sham University3626337
Idlib University3727896
Al Shahbaa University3828323

I hope this article helps you to get the list of varsity/universities in the Syrian Arab Republic with country ranking and world ranking.

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