List of Universities in Taiwan 2023: World University Ranking

You might like to know the list of universities in Taiwan 2023. In this article, I will share Taiwan’s all university ranking 2023 sorted by the country’s ranking. Here you will get the top 100 Universities in Taiwan by country’s ranking. This list is combined with the private and public universities list of Taiwan. Basically, the list of universities of Taiwan is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty and student ratio, staff with a Ph.D., papers per faculty, citations per paper, international faculty and international students, etc. Besides, here you will get more information about these universities in Taiwan including country rank, world rank, so on.

List of All University in Taiwan

Taiwan’s all university ranking list is sorted by the country’s ranking and the world’s ranking. The list is a combination of the public and private universities in Taiwan.

SNUniversity NameCountry RankingWorld Ranking
National Tsing Hua University Taiwan1327
National Chiao Tung University2345
National Taiwan University3442
National Yang Ming University4499
National Sun Yat Sen University5651
National Chung Hsing University6807
National Cheng Kung University7867
Taipei Medical University8882
China Medical University Taiwan9906
Chang Gung University10944
National Taipei University of Technology11953
Tamkang University12970
National Chengchi University131036
National Chung Cheng University141131
National Central University151144
Fu Jen Catholic University161153
National Taiwan Normal University171161
Feng Chia University181241
Asia University Taiwan191249
National Taiwan Ocean University201267
Chung Yuan Christian University211282
Yuan Ze University221289
Ming Chuan University231336
Tunghai University241340
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology251409
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology261526
National Yunlin University of Science & Technology271572
I Shou University281671
Chaoyang University of Technology291715
Kaohsiung Medical University301767
National Changhua University of Education311854
National Taipei University321942
Tzu Chi University331998
Chinese Culture University342000
National Pingtung University of Science & Technology352038
Providence University362063
National Ilan University372167
Chung Hua University382169
Chung Shan Medical University392176
National Dong Hwa University (Hualien University of Education)402209
Southern Taiwan University of Science & Technology412251
Soochow University Taiwan422280
National University of Kaohsiung432308
Ming Chi University of Technology442500
National University of Tainan452530
National Formosa University462866
National Chiayi University472928
National United University482943
National Chin Yi University of Technology492974
National Chi Nan University502979
National Taichung University513028
National Kaohsiung Normal University523147
National Taipei University of Education533205
National Taichung University of Science & Technology543299
Da Yeh University553389
Kun Shan University563646
Tatung University573737
Chang Jung Christian University583780
Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science593781
Hung Kuang University603815
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences613880
National Taitung University623881
Shih Chien University633889
Chang Gung University of Science & Technology643994
Shu-Te University654015
University of Taipei (Taipei Municipal University of Education)664028
Lunghwa University of Science & Technology674046
Kainan University684081
Central Taiwan University of Science & Technology694117
Cheng Shiu University704152
Mackay Medical College714245
Aletheia University724263
Fooyin University734286
National Pingtung University744321
Nanhua University Taiwan754350
Shih Hsin University764391
Mingdao University774431
National Quemoy University784477
National Taiwan University of Sport794482
Tajen University804502
Chienkuo Technology University814543
National Taipei University of Business824656
National Defense University Taiwan834664
Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology844697
Ming Hsin University of Science & Technology854770
Meiho University864778
Kao Yuan University874858
Vanung University884881
Ling Tung University895080
Yuanpei University of Medical Technology905087
Far East University Taiwan915133
Huafan University925133
Jinwen University of Science & Technology935135
National Taiwan University of Arts945375
Mackay Junior College of Medicine Nursing and Management955432
Chinese Military Academy Taiwan966135
Hsiuping University of Science & Technology976225
Taipei National University of the Arts986338
Chien Hsin University of Science & Technology (Ching Yun University)996424
Naval Academy Taiwan1006744
Oriental Institute of Technology1016940
Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology1027037
China University of Science & Technology (China Institute of Technology)
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages1047182
China University of Technology Taiwan1057182
Central Police University1067517
Saint John's University Taiwan1077619
Open University of Kaohsiung1087840
Fo Guang University1097923
Nan Kai University of Technology1108104
Hsuan Chuang University1118563
Tainan University of Technology1128580
National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism1138603
National Open University1148793
Yu Da University of Science & Technology1158950
Tainan National University of the Arts1169023
Chihlee Institute of Technology1179302
National Taiwan College of Performing Arts1189449
Takming University of Science & Technology1199642
Tungnan University1209703
Air Force Academy Taiwan1219795
National Taiwan Sport University12210122
Chung Chou University of Science & Technology12310236
Toko University12410317
Hwa Hsia University of Technology12510352
Wufeng University12610534
National Penghu University of Science & Technology12710805
National Taitung Junior College12810912
Taiwan Shoufu University (Diwan University)12910942
Jen-Teh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management13010947
TransWorld University13111110
Overseas Chinese University of Science and Technology13211142
Tung Fang Design Institute13311228
Taipei Chengshih University of Science & Technology (Technology & Science
Institute of Northern Taiwan)
Tatung Institute of Technology13511321
Dahan Institute of Technology13611482
Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts13711765
Cardinal Tien College of Healthcare and Management13812066
University of Kang Ning (Leader University)13912124
Hsing Wu University14012190
Ching Kuo Institue of Management & Health14112560
Air Force Institute of Technology Taiwan14212704
Nanya Institute of Technology14312836
Ta Hwa University of Science & Technology14412914
Fortune Institute of Technology14513039
Lan Yang Institute of Technology14613132
Shu Zen Junior College of Medicine and Management14713271
Lee Ming Institute of Technology14813497
Taiwan Police College14913510
Nan Jeon University of Science & Technology15014142
St Mary's Medicine Nursing and Management College15114272
Taipei University of Marine Technology15214313
Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care and Management15314348
Hsin Sheng College of Medical Care and Management15414414
Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism University15514523
Culinary Institute of Taiwan15614645
National Tainan Junior College of Nursing15714751
Tzu Hui Institute of Technology15815721
HungKuo Delin University of Technology15915862
Min-Hwei College of Health Care Management16016382
Taiwan Theological College & Seminary16116435
Chung Jen College of Nursing, Health Science and Management16217761
Chungyu University of Film and Arts16317894
Yuh-Ing Junior College of Health Care and Management16418233
Army Academy R O C16518953

I hope this article helps you to get the list of varsity/universities in Taiwan with country ranking and world ranking.

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