Afghanistan Universities Ranking 2023: All Varsity Ranking List

List of University in Afghanistan

In this article, I will share the list of universities in Afghanistan 2023 sorted by the country’s ranking. Here you will get the top 100 Universities in Afghanistan by country’s ranking. This list is combined with the private and public universities list of Afghanistan. Basically, the list of universities of Afghanistan is based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty and student ratio, staff with a Ph.D., papers per faculty, citations per paper, international faculty and international students, etc. Besides, here you will get more information about these universities in Afghanistan including country rank, world rank, so on.

List of Afghanistan Universities Ranking

The following list of universities in Afghanistan is sorted by the country’s ranking and the world’s ranking. The list is a combination of the public and private universities in Afghanistan.

SNUniversity NameCountry RankingWorld Ranking
Kabul University16632
American University of Afghanistan26824
Mawlana University310156
Nangarhar University411427
Polytechnical University of Kabul512349
Herat University612836
Daneshwaran Afghan Educational Institute714377
Kardan University815433
Avicenna University (Ibn e Sina University)915598
Afghanistan National Institute of Music1016083
Qalam Institute of Health Science1116626
Kateb University1219201
Balkh University1319289
Kandahar University1420646
Sheikh Zayed University (Khost University)1520941
Karwan University1620996
Jawzjan University1721289
Bakhtar University1821524
Rana University (Rana Institute of Higher Education)1921593
Taj Institute of Higher Education2021713
Salam University2121716
Kabul Medical University2222270
Gawharshad University2322432
Bamiyan University2422508
Maihan Institute of Higher Education2522813
Khurasan University2622884
Samangan University2722884
Paktia University2822948
Dunya University of Afghanistan2923028
Al Beroni University3023482
Aria Higher Education Institution3123657
Takhar University3223828
Dawat University3324690
Bost University3424789
Jami University3525641
Ghalib University3625745
Nai Media Institute3725980
Tabesh University3826098
Asia Higher Education Institution3926098
Khatam Al Nabieen University4026337
Khana-e-Noor University4126736
Faryab University4226736
Parwan University4326853
Ghazni University4426853
Badakhshan University4526982
Baghlan University4626982
Kawun Institute of Higher Education4726982
Kahkashan-e-Sharq Higher Education Institute4827115
Ariana University4927115
Mashal University5027115
University of Gharjistan5127245
Fanoos Institute of Higher Education5227245
Moraa Female University5327522
Kabul Education University Shaheed Rabbani5427648
Jahan University5527648
Maryam Institute of Higher Education5627776
Information & Communication Technology Institute5727776
Zawul University5828021
Tolo e Aftab Institute of Higher Education5928021
Atefi Institute of Higher Education and Health Science6028021
Maiwand institute of Higher Education6128021
Kundoz University6228182
Allamah University6328182
Pamir Institute of Higher Education6428323
Pioneer University6528323
Benawa Institute of Higher Education6628458
Qalam Institute of Higher Education6728458
Helmand University6828590
Islamic Azad University Afghanistan6928590
Aburayhan Institute of Higher Studies7028590
Hariwa Institute of Higher Education7128970
Edrak Institute of Higher Education7228970
Spinghar University7328970
Cheragh Medical Higher Education Institute and Hospital7429100
Isteqlal Institute of Higher Education7529100
Azhar University7629100
University of Afghanistan (Afghanistan Institute of Higher Education)7729235
Afghan Pamir University7829235
Ahlobait Institute of Higher Education7929235
Ashna Institute of Higher Education8029235
Sharq University8129358
Altaqwa University8229358
Afghan Swiss Medical University8329496
Al Falah University Jalalabad8429496
Mili University8529496
Turkestan Private Higher Education Institute8629741
Seyed Jamaluddin Afghan Institute of Higher Education8729864
Rahnaward University8829982
Jahan E Noor University8930109
Borna Institute of Higher Education9030229
Danish Institute of Higher Education9130338
Hewad Institute of Higher Education9230507
Rifah Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute9330507
NIIT University Afghanistan9430610
Fajristan Institute of Higher Education9530610
Alghias University9630610
Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education9730773
Oruj Institute of Higher Education9830897
Rah-e Saadat University9930949

I hope this article helps you to get the list of universities in Afghanistan with country ranking and world ranking.

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