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Features and Evolution of Microsoft Windows 2023

Features and Evolution of Microsoft Windows 2023

Do you know what are the Features of Microsoft Windows? Discover all about Microsoft Windows Features, and Evolution [year] here in this article.

What is Windows?

Windows is a multi-user Operating System created by Microsoft company. It is focused on its use in laptops and desktops to perform specific tasks, run applications, as well as read, write, modify, delete, such as likewise the creation of information.

Windows Operating System has a friendly and easy-to-understand interface for all types of users, from casual or novice users, as well as for expert or professional users in the computer area. Learn the Advantages, Disadvantages, and Features of Windows Operating System. Its pseudonym describes the way of execution of the tasks in the operating system, which comprises a window execution protocol and they represent the activities or tasks that are being performed in the operating system.

The first Windows operating systems created were the Windows 1.X and 2.X operating systems in the 90s, which came to replace the MS-DOS operating system. Windows also needed the aforementioned system for its execution and proper functioning. But in the creation of the Windows 98 operating system in 1998 that union was dissolved for the independence of Windows operating systems, as well as the independence of the Microsoft company from the company that created the MS Operating System.

Nowadays, the Windows 10 Operating System, which is the most current version of the Microsoft company's Operating Systems, is one of the most popular Operating Systems and established in a pre-established way in today's computers. These systems are of preference of the users over those of its competitors such as the Linux Operating Systems in any of its available versions as well as the Mac OS Operating Systems of the Apple company. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the Linux OS and the Advantages and disadvantages of the macOS.

Features of Microsoft Windows

The Features of Microsoft are very outstanding and noticeable for all users since they are very loved by them, which are:

  • The Windows Operating System has a fully customizable Desktop. It covers the entire computer screen, and it is possible to create shortcuts on the desktop, and depending on the version of the system that a computer has. The desktop is stylized more as it also becomes more pleasing to the eyes of the users.
  • It has a Menu with a series of special actions to be carried out on any type of data, be it copy, paste, cut, and even be able to access their properties.
  • Likewise, the Windows Start Button is an essential element for the Operating System, since, in order to access the start menu as well as the applications or programs that it is in, this button is extremely necessary.
  • In the same way, Windows Operating Systems have a Start Menu, which is responsible for the coordinated and organized administration of applications, programs, and even any data found within the aforementioned Operating system.
  • The Task Bar that the Windows Operating System has is one of the most versatile functions of the system since it shows the running applications that are active, as well as those that are in an inactivity state. It is also possible to Pin apps so you can access them faster and more efficiently.
  • Windows for the execution of tasks, applications, and programs comes from the name Windows. They are part of the Windows graphical environment, just like the Desktop. Each Window depending on what is running can have a different color, size, and presentation.
  • The Control Panel of Windows Operating Systems is one of the best features that it has since it allows users an endless number of actions, including access to deeper sections of the device such as the Administration System of Devices as well as the Customization System of the Operating System.
  • The Operating System has one of the most extensive, useful, and effective Help and Support Systems on the market, although it may be limited if the system in question is one of those selected to no longer provide this feature. Among those systems without this feature is the Windows XP Operating Systems.
  • The icons are the miniature graphical representation of the applications or programs downloaded to a computer with the Windows System, and this system also has Direct Accesses in charge of allowing users fast and efficient access to the applications or programs.
  • The last characteristics that this system has is that inside it has a Resource Manager in charge of establishing the priority parameters of resource use to the programs and applications that the user executes and the Operating System has the ability to perform multiple tasks and the feature was first implemented in Windows Vista operating systems.

Evolution of Windows Operating Systems

Over the years, the Microsoft Company has made endless technological discoveries for the improvement of Windows Operating Systems that are of its full creation, among which it has created 12 different versions to date. Each one with unique qualities that the previous one to each of them did not have, as well as creating applications and unique functions of the systems. Among which are the following Windows Operating Systems:

Windows 1.X and Windows 2.X

The present Windows Operating Systems are the first and their creation, as they are also the predecessors of the MS-DOS Operating System, despite having a monochrome configuration they have the ability to run their tools in color.

Windows 3.X

Unlike its predecessors, this one presents a fully colored interface. In addition to the creation of this Windows Operating System, the customization function of the Desktop is implemented, in addition to the use of folders and icons in it.

Windows NT or New Technology

The system in its time had fierce competition with UNIX Operating Systems for the title of the best Operating System of the moment. With its creation, it was possible to create and implement modular design systems for Operating Systems.

Windows 95

As its pseudonym stipulates, it was created in 1995, being one of the technological advances in terms of Operating Systems with the most changes to date. Since 32-bit environments were implemented for the first time, improving the quality of interaction of users with computers and it had the Plug And Play function, but it did not interact with all types of devices.

Windows 98

It preserves the changes made by its predecessor but with the difference that interaction with more Plug And Play devices is already possible, unlike the previous one that had limited interaction with the devices.

Windows 2000

This Windows was created in the year 2000 and is the improved version of Windows NT and with its creation, the possibility of implementing 64-bit graphic environments was created. In addition, it was possible to create and first interact with it Active Director system.

Windows Millenium

This version of windows is not well known and it was the forerunner of the first interaction of Windows Operating Systems with USB technology ports, as well as the admission of the interaction of Plug And Play devices that its predecessors could not execute.

Windows XP

It was the first Windows Operating System with the ability to have remote assistance systems for solving problems in computers with the Operating System, creating a link between the computer and Microsoft help and support services available on the Internet.

Windows Vista

The Windows improves the speed of Windows multitasking processing and in it, the first relevant changes were made in the security of the device with the first appearance of Windows Defender.

Windows 7

This version of windows simplifies the interaction of the user with the Operating System. Making the interaction fresher and more friendly, the taskbar is optimized creating the possibility of applications or programs anchored as hidden in the bar and better access to the same, in the same way, allows to hide the taskbar.

Windows 8

It has similarities with its predecessor but improving the visual quality, this system has a more elegant image and the possibility of downloading applications or programs through an App Store on a computer for the first time is implemented.

Windows 10

The aforementioned Operating System is the most recent so far. It has many improvements both in quality of use and in visual quality, and its presentation, as well as the execution of applications, is more stable than the Windows released previously. It is still in full update and it is important to be aware of them.

I hope this article helped you to learn the Features and Evolution of Microsoft Windows.

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