My Favourite Poet Paragraph ( Kazi Nazrul Islam)

My Favourite Poet Paragraph ( Kazi Nazrul Islam)

Write a paragraph on your (my) favourite poet (Kazi Nazrul Islam)

Paragraph on My Favourite Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

My Favourite Poet Paragraph; Kazi Nazrul Islam is my favourite poet. His writings were full of hope, energy, aspiration, and result. Nazrul's writings awakened the sleeping people of this subcontinent. It was Kazi Nazrul Islam through whom the people of Bangladesh began to hope for a better future. He made them conscious of their rights. Nazrul helped them to fight for independence and break the bondage of slavery and fetters of subjugation.

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His famous creations are Agni Bina, Bandhan Hara, Rikter Bedan, Bisher Bansi, Agamani, Muti, Bidrohi, Praloyshikha, Dolanchapa, Fanimansha, Sharbahara, Chakrabak etc. He also wrote several thousand songs. For all these reasons I like him most. He was born on eleven Jaistha 1306 B.S Churulia, a village of Burdwan in West Bengal. Kazi Nazrul's father's name was Kazi Fakir Ahmad. And his mother’s name was Zaheda Khatun. His parents lost four children before his birth. So, they gave him the nickname Dhuku Mia. In his early life, Nazrul lost his mother. For this, he had to struggle hard against poverty.

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