Passport Status Meaning & Status Check BD: Pending for__

Passport Status Meaning & Status Check BD: Pending for__

In this article, I will discuss everything about MRP Bangladesh Passport. MRP stands for Machine Readable Passport. I will also discuss "online passport status check bd". You will get every SMS status meaning including 1. Pending for central reissue investigation 2. Pending for passport personalisation 3. Pending for ad/dd reissue justification 4. Pending for demographic justification 5. Ad/dd approval for passport 6. Pending for police approval 7. Pending for assistants/deputy director approval, etc. Later on, I will describe how to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh.

How To Check Online Passport Status Check BD

For checking online passport status, follow the following instructions..

  • Go to BD Online Passport Status Check
  • In the field 'Enrollment ID', type your 14 digit EID No
  • In the field 'Date of birth', type your birthday according to the distribution slip. The type pf birthday is DD-MM-YYYY
  • After that, type the captcha exactly.
  • Finally, click "Search"

In the search result, you will see a status. Match the status from the status described below.

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How To Check Passport Status by SMS in Bangladesh

To check passport status by SMS, follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Message option
  • Type MRP Enrollment No (EID NO); Example: EID 12345678912345
  • Send it to 6969
  • After a while, you will get a reply

If you check the passport application status online or by SMS, you will get various types of status or messages. You may get a message in the phone number that you submitted in your passport application. Here is the meaning of all application statuses you get online or in the message.

Passport is ready pending for issuance

At the time of checking the passport application status online, the checker may get a status that shows "Passport is ready pending for issuance." You may also get the same status on the phone number that you filled in the passport form. It means your passport is ready for distribution

Pending for AD/DD Approval

The meaning of the status "Pending for AD/DD Approval" is that your passport is yet to get approved by the Assistant Director/ Deputy Director. So, it's the meaning of pending for ad dd approval.

Passport shipped

Check application status: Passport shipped. Dear Applicant, Your e-passport has printed and on the way to the local passport office. It means your passport has been printed and you will gey in the next 3 days.

Passport Received

Passport Received

Check Application Status: Passport Received.
Passport Ready For Pick-Up
Dear Applicant, Your new ePassport arrived at the local passport office and is now ready to deliver. Please bring the delivery slip. It means your ePassport is ready.

Enrolled, Pending approval

What does enrolled pending approval mean?
Check application status: Enroled, Pending approval. Dear Applicant, Your e-passport application is pending approval. It means your passport application info is being checked by the assistant director.

Pending for CRI (Central Reissue Investigation/ Justification)

The status "Pending for CRI/ Central Reissue Investigation/ Justification" means your passport is not ready. The central authority is justifying your evidence/ attachments in the subject of your re-issue application that you submitted for correction.

Pending for Passport Personalization

What does Pending for Passport Personalization mean? It means your passport is at the stage of being printed without any error by the central/ regional passport office.

Pending for SB/ Police Approval

It's also known as pending for police verification or pending for police approval. The status "Pending for  SB/ police approval" means the investigation report is being issued by the special police sector. And it is yet to reach the regional passport office.

Pending for DEMO Investigation/ Justification

What does Pending for DEMO Investigation or Justification mean? It means they got a matched record of your identity with another applicant's identity/ your birth certificate. Or National ID (NID) was not proved to be accurate.

Pending for Payment Investigation

The passport status Pending for payment investigation means they are verifying your payment slip.

Pending for AFIS Investigation/ Justification

Are you looking for the meaning of "Pending for AFIS Investigation/ Justification"? It means your passport application is denied in the term of bio-metric (fingerprint) verification. However, you may have another MRP passport. And hiding this one, you are applying for another passport.

I hope you get the exact passport status meaning. If you have any other status, just let us know the new status by commetning below, we will add the status meaning too.

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