School Library Paragraph: Our/Your/My/A School Library

School Library Paragraph: Our/Your/My/A School Library

After reading this article, you can learn A/Our/My/Your School Library Paragraph- suitable for the students of class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC 9, 20, SSC.

Paragraph on School Library

My School Library Paragraph: A school library is a house or room in the school where books are kept for use by the students and teachers. A library plays a crucial role in the realm of knowledge. A school library is part and parcel of a school. No school is complete without a library. Like many other institutions, we have a library in our school. It is situated on the upstairs of the school building. It is a spacious room having a good number of almirahs containing books on literature, history, geography, science, religion, etc. The books are arranged on different bookshelves according to subjects.

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The library has a good collection. At present, it has as many as ten thousand books on various subjects. It is difficult for us to buy all the books that we need. Here the library provides us with various kinds of books and we can acquire vast knowledge from here. There is a small furnished reading room attached to it and students come here to pass their leisure hours by reading books according to their choice. There is a trained and qualified librarian who is in charge of the library. He is a nice man and helps the students to select good books and keeps the library in perfect order. We are issued with library cards.

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We can borrow books from the library. It is, so to speak, a library is a storehouse of knowledge. Really the true function of a school library is to supply the students useful books that widen their knowledge and help them to grow up intellectually. So every student should go to the library regularly in order to equip themselves with knowledge about different things and subjects.

A School Library Paragraph

A School Library Short Paragraph: A library is a room containing lots of books that can be read or borrowed. Generally, a school library is a part and parcel of a school. We call it a storehouse of knowledge. Almost every school has a library. So, there is a library in our school. Our school library is housed on the first floor in a very big room in the school building. Ours is a very big library. It has over 15 almirahs specially built for arranging books. Besides, it has so many materials as well. The books are also on shelves. They are organized according to categories of classes and alphabetical order.

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In a library, there is enough arrangement for us to read books. The students must have to remain silent when they are in the school library. Every student can borrow books [ion the library for a certain period. He has to return the books on time. Thre is a librarian who looks after and manages the whole thing. However, in our library, there is a rich collection of books. Books of almost all branches of knowledge like religion, science, history, philosophy, language, literature, biography, autobiography, mathematics, economics, etc. are available in this library. I feel really proud of our school library.

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