Passport is ready pending for issuance status meaning

Passport is ready pending for issuance status meaning

Passport is ready pending for issuance

Passport is ready pending for issuance meaning in Bengali; While checking the MRP passport application status online in Bangladesh, the checker may get a status that shows "Passport is ready pending for issuance." You may also get the same status on the phone number that you provided in the passport form. The message will be like "Your Passport is ready for collection (EID <xxxxxxxxxxxx>). Please Collect from Regional Passport Office, RPO-name_of_the_office" What does it mean? It means your passport is ready to take. For more information about this passport status, continue reading.

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So, if you see this status, you will need to contact the regional passport office to take your passport. However, you can also take your passport by going to the passport office. To take your passport, you yourself have to go there. Don't forget to take the distribution slip with you. Without the distribution slip, they won't give you the passport.

To check passport status online, visit BD Online Passport Status Check. If you don't know how to check passport status, you can learn from Online Passport Status Check BD.

At the time of checking passport status, you will see several messages/status. Check out other passport statuses from the below list.

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