Physical Exercise Essay and Composition- Importance/ Benefits

Physical Exercise Essay and Composition- Importance/ Benefits

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Essay on Physical Exercise/ Importance of Exercise/ The benefits of Exercise

Physical Exercise Essay/Composition: Exercise means movement. Hence, physical exercise refers to the movements of different limbs of the physique. Health is the genuine wealth of a man. We cannot enjoy sound health without physical exercise. To live well in the world, therefore, all of us need some sort of physical exercise regularly. It is essential.

Morning air is a boon
I’ve to get up soon
Walk to and fro and run a bit
I move my limbs and keep myself fit

Our body is built up with some limbs. It is like a machine. To keep the machine fit and functioning, the different parts of the machine must work. Without exercise or movement, the parts become inactive and sloth. If a machine is left unused, rust and dust gather there and ultimately make the machine completely obsolete. In the same way, if the limbs of our body are not made to move, then diseases will make abode in it. As a result, our bodies will become inactive.

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In the absence of physical exercise, not only the body Will be affected our brain and mind, but it also will become inactive and unproductive. There is a wise saying,

“Sound mind in a sound body"

There is a close relationship between body and mind. A sound mind only can ensure sound plans and policies. Physical exercise promotes health, brings peace of mind, and keeps the brain cool. The output of a sound mind is sound, noble, and ideal.

Regular physical exercise makes our body and brain active and strong. A healthy man enjoys all the pleasures of life. On the other hand, a sickly man loses all mirth and joy in life. Life is a load to him. A street beggar with sound health is much happier than an unhealthy rich man. A laborer who possesses good health and takes ordinary meals can enjoy sound sleep lying on the hard floor. But a rich man with ill health fails to enjoy sound sleep even on a soft bed in spite of electric fan moving overhead and all other amenities lying around in abundance.

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There are many kinds of physical exercises. Swimming, running, walking, and riding are good forms of exercise. Outdoor games like football, cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey, gymnastics, and wrestling also serve the purpose of physical exercise. Outdoor games like Hadudu and Dariabandha are popular sports in the village. Of course, all forms of exercise are not equally suitable for all. Suitability depends on age, atmosphere, and ability.

There are some who have little scope for movement of their limbs in their routine work. They should undergo regular physical exercise of one kind other which suits them. Some people think that they are strong and healthy, so they need not undergo physical exercise. But they are wrong. If the limbs do not get the scope of being moved soon inertia and sluggishness may overcome them.

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Physical exercise ensures the balanced development of all the limbs of the body. To enjoy life better and to make it mean we should take physical exercise regularly.

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