The Place I Like Most Paragraph- for all class students

The Place I Like Most Paragraph- for all class students

Paragraph on The Place I Like Most

Answer the following questions into a continuous paragraph on “The Place You/I like Most”:

  • a. What is the place you like the most? 
  • b. How do you spend your time there? 
  • c. How is the weather there?
  • d. What is the most exciting thing that happens there? 
  • e. What is the effect of such visits? 


The Place I Like Most Paragraph: A favorite place is a place with family, good weather and fun things to do. My village home is my favorite place for many reasons. My grandfather’s family and my uncles live in the village. When I visit, my all cousins and I laugh and play all day and night long. I usually go there during the winter. My uncles and aunts take us to the village fair where we enjoy the rides. We devour juicy cakes and drink fresh date-juice. My family is fun to be with. The second reason is the weather. Instead of being hot and sweaty, it is always cool and moist.

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When I think about my visits, I can feel the crisp breeze in my hair. I can hear the soft sound of mist falling from leaves. I can feel the warm winter sun on my face. The third reason for my village home being my favorite place is fishing. We catch lots of fishes from the pond. Sometimes we catch fishes on hooks and sometimes we see the uncles fishing with a net. My grandmother cooks them. For all these reasons, my village home is my favorite place to go to. It’s good to visit a favorite place- a place where one can make special memories and that is refreshing.

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