Population Growth Hinder Development Essay and Composition

Population Growth Hinder Development Essay and Composition

Write a short essay or composition on Population Growth Hinder Development- suitable for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Composition on Population Growth Hinder Development

Population Growth Hinder Development Composition/Essay: Population growth and development are diametrically opposite ideas. They cannot usually go hand in hand. So I am in favor of the opinion. The land area of our country is too small to support her large population. As a result, it creates various problems in every sphere of our national life.

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Food problem clothing problems, communication, and educational problems, unemployment problems, environmental pollution, poverty, etc are created by our extreme population growth. With all these problems, we can never have smooth developments. These problems will definitely obstruct development and progressive activities.

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Because of tremendous population growth, per capita income decreases, land per head decreases, the land becomes fragmented, the rate of saving declines, prices of things soar up; the balance of trade becomes unfavorable, social values are degraded and so on. All these things also hinder economic growth and development. Ours is a developing country. We cannot expect to reach our desired goal without solving the population problem. It is because population growth hinders development. The sooner we can solve this problem, the better.

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