Our ethnic friends (2)- assignment for class 8

Our ethnic friends (2)- assignment for class 8

Class 8 English Assignment 1: Our ethnic friends

Unit-1: A glimpse of our culture

  • Lesion-1: Our folk songs
  • Lesion-2: Nakshi Kantha
  • Lesion-3: Our ethnic friends
  • Lesion-4: Our ethnic friends (2)
  • Lesion-5: Bangladeshi culture
  • Lesion-6: The children’s songs

Lesson 4: Our ethnic friends(2)- assignment for class eight: Suppose, you have a foreign friend who is very curious to know about the ethnic people of your country.

Now, prepare a fact file on them. You can tell about their dress, food, culture, sports, and pastimes in 200 words. Use narratives, images, pictures, tables, or information as needed.


Ethnic people of our country

Most of these ethnic people living in Bangladesh have some common characteristics. They have their own lifestyles. They build their houses on bamboo or wooden platforms called ‘machang’. Rice is their staple food. They eat vegetables, maize and fish, poultry and meat. Their kitchen utensils are bamboo, wooden and earthen pots which they make themselves. Men wear lungis and women wear thamis or sarongs and angis. Women weave their own clothes.

Hunting and fishing are their favorite pastimes. They are fond of songs, music, dances, theatre and fairs. Traditional musical instruments used are bugles made from buffalo horns, drums and bamboo flutes. Wrestling is a popular sport for them.

Bangladeshi cuisine is rich and varied with the use of many spices. We have delicious and appetizing food, snacks, and sweets. Boiled rice is our staple food. It is served with a variety of vegetables, curry, lentil soups, fish, and meat. Fish is the main source of protein. Fishes are now cultivated in ponds. Also, we have fresh-water fishes in the lakes and rivers. More than 40 types of fishes are common. Some of them are carp, rid, katla, magur (catfish), chingri (prawn or shrimp). Shutki or dried fishes are popular. Hilsha is very popular among the people of Bangladesh.

Panta ilish is a traditional platter of Panta bhat It is steamed rice soaked in water and served with a fried hilsha slice, often together with dried fish, pickles, lentil soup, green chilies, and onion. It is a popular dish on the Pohela Boishalch. the people of Bangladesh are very fond of sweets. Almost all Bangladeshi women prepare some traditional sweets. Pitha, a type of sweets made from rice flour, sugar, syrup, molasses, and sometimes milk, is a traditional food loved by the entire population. During winter Pitha Utsab, meaning pitha festival, is organized by different groups of people. Sweets are distributed among close relatives when there is good news like births, weddings, promotions, etc. Sweets of Bangladesh are mostly milk-based. The common ones are rosbgolla, sandesb, rasarnalai, gulap jamun, kalojamun and cbom-chom. There are hundreds of different varieties of sweet preparations. Sweets are therefore an important part of the day-to-day life of Bangladeshi people.

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