Rainy Season Essay Composition for all class students

Rainy Season Essay Composition for all class students

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Essay on the Rainy Season Essay

The Rainy Season Essay; “Rain! Rain! Let it rain! Soon there will be no more pain.” Bangladesh, our darling motherland, is a foster child of nature. It is hailed as a natural playground of six seasons. These seasons visit our country by turns and decorate nature with their own color, sound, and aroma. With the arrival of a new season our country assumes a new look. However, of the six seasons, I like the rainy season most. As I also think like the Nobel laureate commonwealth poet Rabindranath Tagore: “Boriso Dhara Maghe Santiro bari” [Peace lies in the drops of rain.] The rainy season appears along with the blessings of raindrops after the scorching and piercing heat of summer. It consists of the Bengali month of Asher and Shrabon.

With the refreshing appearance of the rainy season, nature sheds its sharp, harsh, and pale look and seems to be as fresh as a newly married bride. The flora and fauna of our dear motherland take a pretty look. Everybody gets cheerful and Tagore sings: “Rhidoy Amar Nachere Ajike Moyurero Moto Nachere” [My heart’s dancing today Dancing like a peacock] However, the rainy season comes at such a period when rivers, canals, ponds and above all earth get dried up by the scorching heat of Summer. In other words. nature gets thirsty. And the Rainy Season comes along with the life-giving drops of rain with a view to quenching the thirst.

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As such the Rainy season is so much expected in our country. In fact, we wait for it so eagerly that if it makes a delay to arrive we start praying to the Almighty for sending it as soon as possible. Jasim Uddin, the poet of rustic life, says: The Rainy Season is a month of rain and thunderstorm. lt rains either continuously or continually from the down to dusk. The beauty of the blue sky is not visible. It remains overcast with thick clouds. Water stands on-road and roads become muddy and slippery. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs and people get drenched. The passers-by move with umbrellas over the head, shoes in hand, and clothes folded up to the knee.

Sometimes people slip and fall on the muddy road. While sometimes, they get frightened at the deafening sound of the thunderstorm and wonder like Kathleen M. Martin: “As thunder rumbled, wondered I: How come this grumble from the sky? And lightning [lashed and tore asunder, This very sky that I stand under! ” In fact, the Rainy Season is dull and gloomy. But it is very enjoyable for the rich people who have no problem at all to sit idly on the sofa and listen to the music of rainfall. It is also pleasant to the poets and the lovers of the flora and fauna of nature because nature looks as fresh as a newly married bride.

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On the other hand, it is a curse for them who live from hand to mouth. Life becomes a burden to them. They can not go out in quest of work and as a consequence can not earn their livelihood. Thus, their suffering knows no bounds. Students also suffer provided there is prolonged rainfall and flood. No doubt, we expect the rainy season to refresh our lives time and again in spite of all its dark aspects. And we hardly feel like bidding adieu to this refreshing season. In this connection, the following verses of Nicholas Leisure are worth quoting: “Rain, Rain don’t go away Rain, Rain I hope you stay. ” 

Essay/ Composition on rainy season

The Rainy Season Essay/Composition Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. The rainy season is one of them. The rainy season comprises the Bengali months of Ashar and Sravan. But it lasts practically much longer in our country. After a long period of hot weather, the rainy season comes with showers to cool the whole earth. Our economy, culture, and way of life are closely related to it. The rainy season is caused by the monsoon.

The south-west monsoon that blows over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal brings much vapour with it. As a result, there occurs heavy rainfall during the monsoon in our country. During the rainy season, the sky often remains overcast with thick black clouds that cover the sky close to the earth’s surface. Sometimes, violent blasts of wind blow, lightning flashes and thunder roars. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds and it rains in torrent. Sometimes, there is continuous rain for days together. Canals and rivers overflow their banks. Roads go underwater.

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The low-lying areas go underwater and look like a vast sheet of water. The rainy season, undoubtedly, does much good to us. Nature assumes a new appearance at the advent of the rainy season. The landscape appears green.“ The rainwater washes away the filth and purifies the surface of the earth. It lessens the intense heat of summer. Rainy season makes our land alluvial, fertile and suitable for growing better crops. The atmosphere becomes clean and free from dust. It is the time for gathering Aush paddy and planting Aman paddy. The joy of the farmers knows he bounds if there is sufficient rain in this season.

The rainy reason is not an unmixed blessing all the times. It has disadvantages too. During this season, the roads in the countryside become muddy and slippery and as such people can’t go from one place to another on foot easily. Sometimes heavy rainfall overflows the banks of the rivers and causes floods, which damage our crops, cattle, houses and properties. Often men have to sit idle and pass much of their time indoors if there is continuous rain for days together.

Many diseases like malaria, diarrhoea, dysentery break out and cause great suffering to the people. But whatever the demerits of the rainy season, it is the most important and useful season especially in our country. The prosperity and development of our agriculture which is the heart of our economy depend on the mercy of the rainy season. The people of our country always welcome the rainy season and like to enjoy its beauty. 

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