River Gypsies in Bangladesh Paragraph: assignment for class 8

River Gypsies in Bangladesh Paragraph

Imagine there is a boat-school in your area to teach river gypsy children. Write a paragraph about how you can help the gypsy children with learning.

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River Gypsies in Bangladesh 2 Assignment


Helping the gypsy children with learning River gypsies are an ethnic group of people in Bangladesh. They are known as the bedey in Bangladesh. The gypsies have their own lifestyle and culture. They live in groups and do not own any land. Therefore, they live a nomadic life, traveling from one place to another by boat. The gypsy children are born and brought up on roaming boats. Therefore, they can not go to conventional schools. They do not have opportunities to learn. We can help the gypsy children to learn. At every point where they travel, we can make a camp for their learning. We can also make an organization where some volunteers run special schools on boats.

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  1. More information should be added in the assignment. The answers of the assignments should be simple but informative and comparatively large. But here I can find short answers of the assignments in this website- wikilogy. So, extension and clarification should be done.


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