Road Accident Paragraph/ A Street Accident

Road Accident Paragraph/ A Street Accident

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Paragraph on Road/Street Accident

Road Accident Paragraph; Road accident is an ever-rising trend in Bangladesh. We see the news of road accidents almost every day in daily newspapers. Carelessness is one of the causes of road accidents in our country. It includes using a mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, driving the vehicle ignoring traffic signals, etc. Lack of experience and licensing of untrained drivers are also major causes of the rising accident rate in this country.

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In addition, some drivers are more concerned about getting to their destination than how they would get there. These drivers violate every rule just to get to where they are going. The effects of road accidents are enormous. More than 4,000 people die on roads every year in Bangladesh. Many people become the victim of temporary and permanent injuries. Besides these physical damages, it sucks billions out of Bangladesh's economy.

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road accident injuries cause a loss of about 2% of GDP in Bangladesh. This percentage is almost equal to the total foreign aid we received in a fiscal year. However, the losses include direct and indirect expenses, such as medical costs, insurance loss, property damage, family income losses, traffic congestion, etc. So, it is high time we had to do something to prevent unwanted road accidents.

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