Robi Internet Offer 2024 | All Robi Internet Packages

Robi Internet Offer 2024 | All Robi Internet Packages

The number of internet users in Bangladesh has been increasing rapidly. Robi, An Axiata Limited, is one of the popular sim companies in Bangladesh. It is the second-largest mobile operator company in Bangladesh. They have more than 47 million subscribers. Most of them use the internet every day. However, they often offer internet bundles & minute bundles for their subscribers. In this article, you will get both Robi internet offer [year]& Robi Internet package [year]. However, we are updating this article regularly. We will provide you all the necessary information about the Robi internet offer & package of [year].

Robi Internet Offer [year]

In the technological world, everyone needs internet access. So, we are providing all the necessary information to purchase the internet. This post is especially for Robi subscribers. There are so many internet offers for Robi users. But sometimes some offers may not for all users. So check every single offer from here. And choose the best one for yourself. Later on, you can get all the internet packages for all Robi users.

Robi 2GB 54 Tk Offer

Internet Volume2048 MB + 4G Bonus
Cost54 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*123*54#

Robi 3GB 61 Tk Offer

Internet Volume3072 MB
Cost61 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase Code*123*061#

Robi 3GB 75 Tk Offer

Internet Volume3072 MB
Cost61 BDT
Validity10 Days
Purchase Code*21291*912#

This offer may not be available always.

Robi 3GB 108 Tk Offer

Internet Volume3072 MB + 4G Bonus
Cost108 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase Code*123*108#

Robi 4GB 316 Tk Offer

Internet Volume4096 MB + 4G Bonus
Cost316 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*123*316# or Recharge 316 BDT

Robi 5GB 140 Tk Offer

Internet Volume5120 MB + 40 Minutes
Cost140 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*212*91#

Robi 8GB 298 Tk Offer

Internet Volume8192 MB
Cost298 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*212*83#

Robi 10GB 290 Tk Offer

Robi best internet offer 10GB 290 to 30 days. It is the best Robi internet offer of 220.

Internet Volume10240 MB
Cost290 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*212291*983#

Robi 10GB 300 Tk Offer

Internet Volume10240 MB
Cost300 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code*212*82#

NB: This offer changes frequently. So the *212*82# is a variable USSD code.

Robi 15GB 298 Tk Offer

Internet Volume15360 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost298 BDT
Purchase Code*212*905#

NB: This offer is known as Friday Special. So this offer is available only on Friday.

Robi 30GB 330 Tk Offer [year]

Internet Volume30720 MB
Validity30 Days
Cost330 BDT
Purchase Code*212*89#

This offer is known as Robi Weekend Offer.

Robi Internet Package [year]

In the following list, you will get all Robi Internet Packs of [year]. Here I will enlist Robi MB offer [year]. So, let's see all Robi Internet Packages [year].

Robi 75 MB 9Tk Pack

Internet Voulme75 MB (50 MB All + 25 MB FB & IMO)
Charge9 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase SystemBuy a Scratch Card from any Robi retailers

Robi 100 MB 10Tk Pack

Internet Voulme100 MB (60 MB All + 40 MB FB & IMO Bonus)
Charge10 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase SystemDial *123*0010#

Robi 200 MB 19Tk Pack

Internet Voulme100 MB (100 MB All + 100 MB FB & IMO Bonus)
Charge19 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase System*123*019# or buy a Scratch Card from any Robi retailers

Robi 250 MB 46Tk Pack

Internet Voulme250 MB
Charge46 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*110#

Robi 750 MB 74Tk Pack

Internet Voulme750 MB
Charge74 BDT
Validity14 Days
Purchase System*123*0074#

Robi 800 MB 49Tk Pack

Internet Voulme100 MB (600 MB All + 200 MB FB & IMO Bonus)
Charge49 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase System*123*049# or buy a Scratch Card from any Robi retailers

Robi 1 GB 128Tk Pack

Internet Voulme1024 MB
Charge128 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*128#

Robi 1 GB 48Tk Pack

Internet Voulme1024 MB
Charge48 BDT
Validity4 Days
Purchase System*123*48#

Robi 1 GB 41Tk Pack

Internet Voulme1024 MB
Charge41 BDT
Validity3 Days
Purchase System*123*41#

Robi 1.1 GB 101Tk Pack

Internet Voulme1126.4 MB
Charge101 BDT
Validity30 Days
Purchase System*123*101#

Robi 1.5 GB 209Tk Pack

Internet Voulme1536 MB
Charge209 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*209#

Robi 2 GB 239Tk Pack

Internet Voulme2048 MB
Charge239 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*239#

Robi 4.5 GB 129Tk Pack

Internet Voulme4608 MB  (3GB+1.5GB 4G Bonus)
Charge129 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase System*123*0129#

Robi 6 GB 148Tk Pack

Internet Voulme6144 MB
Charge148 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase System*123*148#

Robi 7 GB 399Tk Pack

Internet Voulme7168 MB
Charge399 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*399#

Robi 10 GB 501Tk Pack

Internet Voulme10240 MB (7GB + 3GB 4G Bonus)
Charge501 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*501#

Robi 10 GB 199Tk Pack

Internet Voulme10240 MB
Charge199 BDT
Validity7 Days
Purchase System*123*0199#

Robi 15 GB 649Tk Pack

Internet Voulme15360 MB
Charge649 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase System*123*649#

Robi Internet Recharge Offer

These offers are available on recharge. So, recharge the exact amount from the list.

Robi 10GB Recharge Offer

To get Robi 10GB Internet Offer, recharge the exact amount from the following list.

  • Recharge BDT 399 and get 10 GB for 28 days.
  • Recharge BDT 239 and get 10 GB for 28 days. ( This is monthly 2X offer)

There are more than 3 alternative 10 GB bundles & offer packs. Find out from the above list of Robi internet offer [year].

Robi 12GB Recharge Offer

To get Robi 12GB Internet Offer [year], recharge the exact amount from the list below.

  • Recharge BDT 499 and get 12 GB + 350 Minutes for 30 days. Sometimes this offer includes 30GB + 750 Minutes for 30 days
  • Recharge BDT 449 and get 12 GB + 44 TK cashback for 30 days

Robi Mixed Bundle

Mixed Bundle contains the Internet, SMS & Minute. See the following table of the Robi mixed bundle.

Bundle PackValidityChargePurchase system
20 MB + 100 SMS1 Days05 TkDial *123*6*6*3#
60 MB + 350 SMS3 Days15 TkDial *123*6*6*4#
700 MB + 25 SMS + 25 Min7 Days58 TkDial *123*058#
2048 MB + 150 SMS + 150 Min28 Days251 TkDial *123*251#
1024 MB + 475 Min30 Days278 TkRecharge 278 Tk
1024 MB + 1000 Min30 Days574 TkRecharge 574 Tk
5120 MB + 100 SMS + 500 Min30 Days599 TkDial *123*599#

Robi 20 GB + 500 Minutes + 200 SMS Pack: Dial *123*999# & *123*00999# to get this pack. Validity: 30 days, Cost: 999 BDT. This pack is for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Robi social pack [year]

There are so many Robi social pack [year]. If you need only Robi IMO Pack or Facebook Pack, you can choose from the list. You can also purchase Robi Whatsapp Packs.

Robi Imo Pack [year]

In the following list, you will get all Robi Imo Pack [year]. Here I will enlist Robi Imo offer [year]. So, let's see all Robi Imo Pack 28 Days.

Robi Imo Pack 350MB

Internet Volume350 MB (Imo Use Only)
Charge (BDT)20 Tk
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*123*56#

Robi Imo Pack 1GB

Internet Volume1024 MB (Imo Use Only)
Charge (BDT)53 Tk
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*123*056#

Robi Facebook Pack [year]

Are you looking for only Robi facebook pack [year]? There is a list of Robi FB packs for you.

Robi Facebook and Whatsapp Pack

Robi Facebook and WhatsApp packs contain both FB and WhatsApp MB. Check the following list.

350 MB Facebook & Whatsapp Pack

Internet Volume350 MB (FB & WhatsApp)
Charge18 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*123*0250#

1 GB Facebook & Whatsapp Pack

Internet Volume1024 MB (FB & WhatsApp)
Charge49 BDT
Validity28 Days
Purchase Code*123*250#

Robi Internet Setting

For using Robi Internet Offer [year]with the best speed, set your internet according to our instructions. In order to set the internet in Robi, go to Settings> Mobile networks > Access Point Names> Add. After that, in the Name field, type "Robu-Internet". In the APN field, type "internet". Then save the access point. Read Robi APN Settings for Android and Apple.

Robi Internet Balance Check Code

You can check Robi Internet Balance by dialing USSD code or by using MyRobi App. However, Robi Internet Balance Check Code is *8444*88#. There is another simple USSD code to check Robi internet balance, it is *3#.

I hope you enjoyed our article on Robi Internet Offer [year]. If you need any information about Robi Internet offer [year], just drop a comment.

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