Robi Minute Offer 2023 | All Robi Minute Packages

Robi Minute Offer 2023 | All Robi Minute Packages

Robi is the second leading sim company in Bangladesh. They have more than 47 million subscribers. As they have a strong 4G network, their users have been increasing rapidly. However, if you are searching for Robi minute offer [year], this article is for you. Later on, you will also get the Robi minute package [year]. You can also check Robi Internet Offer [year]. In the following list, you will get everything serially. So let's see Robi minute offer [year]& Robi Minute bundle [year].

Robi Minute Offer [year]

There are so many Robi minute offers in [year]. In the following list, you will get these offers serially.

Robi Minute Package [year]

Are you looking for Robi Minute Package? Here you will get the full list of Robi Minute Pack.

Robi 70 Minute 43 Tk

Minute Volume70 Mins
Charge43 BDT
Validity4 Days
Activation SystemRecharge 43 Tk

Robi 95 Minute 59 Tk

Minute Volume95 Mins
Charge59 Tk
Validity7 Days
Purchase Code *0*5#

Robi 170 Minute 99 Tk

Minute Volume170 Mins
Charge99 Tk
Validity7 Days
Purchase Code *0*6#

Robi 335 Minute 194 Tk

Minute Volume335 Mins
Charge194 Tk
Validity30 Days
Purchase Code *0*7#

Robi 360 Minute 218 Tk

Minute Volume360 Mins
Charge218 BDT
Validity30 Days
Activation SystemRecharge 218 Tk

Robi Mixed Pack

Robi Mixed Pack contains Minute, Internet & SMS. Some Packs contain only Minute & Internet. This also contains Robi Minute recharge offers with internet packs.

MinuteMBSMSValidityChargePurchase Code
25700257 Days58 Tk*123*058#
1402 GB15028 Days251 Tk*123*251#
*4751 GB0030 Days278 TkRecharge 278 Tk
*10001 GB0030 Days574 TkRecharge 574 Tk
**35012 GB0030 Days499 TkRecharge 499 Tk
5005 GB10030 Days599 Tk*123*599#
405 GB0030 Days140 Tk*212*91#

500 Minutes + 20 GB + 200 SMS Pack

Both prepaid and postpaid customers can purchase this pack.

MinutesDataSMSValidityCostUSSD Code
50020 GB20030 Days999 BDT*123*999# and

The star '*' sign means, these packs rarely change over time. And the '**' means sign means that these packs change frequently. As for example, 499 Tk pack changes to, 12 GB + 350 Minutes for 30 days. Sometimes this offer includes 30GB + 750 Minutes for 30 days, 7GB + 350 Minutes + 49 Tk Cashback.

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