Essay on Spring Season/ The Season I Like Most Composition

Essay on Spring Season/ The Season I Like Most Composition

After reading this post, you can write 1. The Spring Season Essay & Composition 2. The Season I Like Most Essay & Composition- for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Essay on The Spring Season

The Spring Season Essay/Composition: Generally there are six seasons in Bangladesh. I basically like all the seasons but I like spring most. Spring season is my favorite season and perhaps it is favorite to all too. Spring season comes to us with many pleasant things and beautiful scenes and sounds. I like this season for many reasons. The summer is a season of terrible heat. Everybody feels uneasy. During the rainy season, the roads become muddy. There is water everywhere. People can not move easily. They face many difficulties. During the early and late autumn, these disadvantages do not wholly disappear. Winter also brings trouble. People shiver in cold. There is dense fog everywhere. The sun is hardly seen. The poor suffer a lot.

But spring has none of these disadvantages. It has many attractive scenes and pleasant things. So I like the season most. After winter season the spring season comes with her lovely & beautiful appearance. Spring is called the queen of seasons. It comes with pleasant sights and sounds. Fields and meadows become green. Flowers bloom in different trees. Birds sing from behind the new leaves. We hear the cuckoo singing sweetly. There are village fairs on various occasions. During spring bees are busy gathering honey. A gentle breeze blows. Everything looks gay and cheerful. It is also a season of fruits. Mango, black-berry, jack fruit, lychees have buds on them. Farmers also sow the seeds of jute and paddy. Spring season is the best of all seasons in our country for its attractive sounds and sights. Our poets have praised this season.

The Season I Like Most Essay

The Season You/I Like Best/Most Essay/Composition:  Bangladesh is a land of natural beauties. Her beauty varies from season to season. She has six seasons. Each season has its own features. Of the six seasons of Bangla year, I love the spring most. It is the king of seasons. The spring is the symbol of youth and color. There is no heavy rainfall, no pitch-dark cloud, no cold or gloomy, there is no scorching heat or sweated sight. It comes with the message of hope and enjoys. The trees and plants are adorned with new birds, leaves, and flowers. Nature wears a charming look.

Nature puts on a new and lovely appearance at the advent of this season. The sky looks very clear and fresh; the trees put forth new leaves. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. Various kinds of flowers bloom in this season. So, it may be called the season of flowers. The colorful wings of the butterflies present a charming sight.

The cuckoo and the nightingale sing heart touching sweet songs. Flowers and charming sights and sounds exercise a great influence on the people of our country. This season gives us a good harvest that influences our mind and also our national economy. Again the seasonal wind presents us with enjoyable good health. Spring is the brightest with all its color and hue. lt pleases the eyes, ears, and mind of Bangladesh. So, I like it the most.

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