Sweet Are The Uses of Adversity Essay and Composition

Sweet Are The Uses of Adversity Essay and Composition
Sweet Are The Uses of Adversity Essay and Composition

Essay on Sweet Are The Uses of Adversity

Sweet Are The Uses of Adversity Essay/Composition; Life is not a bed of roses. It has ups and downs. Happiness and sorrows are the two sides of the coin of life. They alternately come to our life. Without pain and sorrow life will become dull. Pains and sorrows are the spices of life. But not everybody can handle it properly. Some people fear to deal with the sufferings of life. They are not the brave one who fears to handle these situations. Pains and sufferings come to our life to make us strong.

Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad,
Ugly and venomous wears yet a precious jewel in his head.
-William Shakespeare

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The man who doesn’t experience suffering can’t face stress and anxiety. There are various direct and indirect benefits of adversity in our life. They have good lessons for us. The lessons which are learned from bitter experiences are invaluable. These sufferings give us a chance to verify our true friends. By facing them a man can prepare himself to face more difficult situations coming next. They increase our patience. Mainly, only relief of pains and suffering is in patience. It helps not only to build our character more rigid but also shows the path of solution.

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.
-Napoleon Hill

If we look back to the past we could see, all the greatest people had to go under intensive sufferings in their life. Their path of success was not so smooth. The most cumbersome situation in their life was the best turning point for them to reach their ultimate goal. It is true that herbs disperse its fragrance only after they are crushed. The life of the greatest peoples is the reflection of this truth.

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Chicken-hearted people can’t do anything. They always hesitate to do things new. When adversities come, they fear to deal with it. Depression and anxiety cover them up. Adversity is a boon to us. It leads us to God. People become more religious. They do good deeds to recover from these situations. It has positive effects on society.

Life is nothing but a struggle. Peace and prosperity make us soft. Thus suffering comes to make us fit for this struggle of life.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.
-Helen Keller

So, we should take all the adversities easily. If we are able to do it, these sufferings will mitigate soon. It is also necessary to use the lesson learned from this struggle in our future life. And we should remember that suffering is a short interval between happiness.

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