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Application for opening a relief camp- for students

Application to the headmaster to open a relief camp in your school premises Write an application to the headmaster...

Application for Admission on Transfer Certificate

Application to the headmaster of your school for admission on the transfer certificate Suppose, your family has shifted to...

Application for a Transfer Certificate (TC)

From the following list, you can write to anyone as an application for a TC (Transfer Certificate) from the school/college. Application for...

Application for free access to Liberation Gallery

Application to the Director of National Museum requesting free access for a day to Liberation Gallery Write an application...

Application for Seeking Permission to Stage a Drama

Application to the headmaster seeking permission to stage a drama in your school campus on the Victory Day Suppose,...

Application for Arranging an Annual Picnic

Application to the Headmaster requesting him/her to arrange an annual picnic Suppose you are a student of class 6...

Application for relief goods & medical aids for flood-affected people

Application to the DC for relief and medical aids for the flood-affected people of your area Suppose, you are...

Application for an English Newspaper / English Journal

Application to the Principal for an English newspaper/ English Journal for the college common room Write an application...

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