This action isn’t allowed in YouTube: How To Fix

This action isn't allowed in YouTube

YouTube is the biggest online video sharing platform. It’s now a working as search engine too. However, at the time of using YouTube, we face many problems. When YouTube banned a channel/account, it shows a message/comments/notification “This action isn’t allowed”. In this tutorial, I will share how to fix “This action isn’t allowed, Tap to retry”

Why YouTube shows “this action isn’t allowed, tap to retry”

This action isn't allowed tap to retry YouTube

The reason behind showing “this action isn’t allowed” is that YouTube banned your account. Yes, for violating YouTube’s policy, they banned your account. You may face this problem in TV (Philips, indihome, Philco) too where you play YouTube. However, as almost every problem has a solution, it has solutions too.

How to confirm that YouTube banned your account

When you tries to sign in YouTube, you will see an error saying “this action is not allowed, tap to retry”. Probably, you have violated YouTube’s terms and conditions. Or you did spammy activities. You should receive a mail from YouTube describing the reason. Here is an example mail for you. “We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines (, your YouTube account Md Shohid has been suspended.After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content ( be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Help Centre.If you would like to appeal the suspension, please submit this form.

How to fix “this action is not allowed”

There are two effective ways to fix this problem.

Removing cache of YouTube

If you face this problem, first you may try removing cache of YouTube, uninstalling and reinstalling YouTube apk. But none of these will work. As you have been banned from using YouTube, you cannot sign in to your YouTube account from your gmail. Let’s try rest of the ways.

Removing Google Playstore Account

This method will definitely work but you cannot use cannot use YouTube from this mail. Let me explain. If you try removing Google account from your android, iOS device/TV, and re adding the same mail, this problem will show again. “This action isn’t allowed” will disappear if you sign in with another gmail account. So remove your existing Google account and add new one. You can keep both but have to use YouTube from old one. If you still want to use YouTube from old gmail account, follow the last method.

Contacting YouTube through contact form

The only way is to fix this problem is that you need to contact YouTube support team. Login to your mail, and open the mail from YouTube and you will see contact form link. Go to contact form and explain your problem describing what actually happened. I hope this will work and you can use YouTube again.

I hope this tutorial helps you. If you still have problems, comment below.

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  1. Hello. Hopefully mine is not a difficult problem. I currently have YT. However error message ‘this action isn’t allowed. Tap to retry’ occurs when trying to access library, notifications or subscriptions. Unable to comment on video clips either. Originally I was told my YT channel was suspended. I don’t have a YT channel so I was a bit confused at the time. Can you help?

  2. My account this action isn’t allowed

    My video special mistake copyrighted content

    Copyright strick .3

    Please mistake copyright content ..

    Back my YouTube channel 😞

  3. Sir my channel has been suspended due to multiple strikes. This happened accidentally and and my channel got suspended. I am really worried about that. This happened due to uploading copyright contents.

    • I know every community guideline roled by youtube and I am sure that there is no violation of youtube community guidelines. I think that can be done by mistake please make a deeper preview of it and give me back my suspended account. I am making contact with full of efforts and in the right manner. My YouTube channel video has no copyright video.

  4. hello. I saw this error “this action isn’t allowed.” only when I wanna comment on a video. I upgrade it before and log out my account and log in again and also install it again but it didn’t work. could u please help me.

  5. Hello, I have been suspended from youtube for no reason I only use youtube to watch videos and save and download some of them which I like the most I don’t even create my channel I didn’t even upload anything on youtube. So, please help me I have been suffering from this problem for more than a couple of weeks. Please help me I want my old account back, youtube suspended my account for no reason….

  6. This action isn’t allowed
    Hello. I saw this error “this action isn’t allowed.” only when I wanna comment on a video. I upgrade it before and log out my account and log in again and also install it again but it didn’t work. could u please help me?


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