This person is unavailable on Messenger (How To Fix)

This person is unavailable on Messenger
This person is unavailable on Messenger- Reasons & Meaning

This person is unavailable on Messenger meaning

Facebook has been the most popular social networking site in recent years. Not only because it has amazing news feed appearance but also for it’s awesome messaging feature. Not to mention Messenger launched by Facebook became popular along with WhatsApp and Skype in the last few years. Messenger is easy to use and has many updated features, though we face several issues occasionally. In this article, I’m going to discuss a Facebook Messenger issue. Sometimes, while messaging anyone, Messenger shows ‘This person is unavailable on Messenger’. As a result, you can not message him. What’s the reason for it? There are several reasons for facing this issue. I have specified a few of them below.

Reason for showing ‘ This person is unavailable on Messenger’ issue:

Messenger shows this person is unavailable on messenger
This person is unavailable on messenger

1.The user kept his ID in delete option and the ID is pending to be deleted:

‘This person is unavailable on Messenger’ issue will be shown if a user deletes his/her account. When a user decides to delete his/her account, the account stays in pending option, in case the user changes his/her mind. When the account is pending to be deleted, you can’t message him/her, and also you can’t visit the profile.

2. Facebook authority removed or disabled the ID:

Facebook deletes/removes/disables some accounts for security reasons occasionally. Or if anyone violates their rules, impersonate someone, they remove the account. If Facebook removes any account, you can’t message him/her or visit the profile. To know more about why Facebook disables an account and how to recover it, 👉 How to recover a disabled Facebook account.

3. The user deactivated his account:

Users sometimes deactivate their account for privacy reasons or just because he wants to be away from social networking sites. If anyone deactivates his account, the account will no longer exist is Facebook. But is Messenger, you will still be able to see his name. Consequently, you can not send him a message. In this case, you will face ‘This person is unavailable on Messenger‘ issue.

4. The user blocked you or you blocked the user sometimes ago:

If someone blocks you on Facebook, then you can’t message him/her. If you block someone, again you can’t message him/her. In both cases above, you can’t visit each other’s profiles. Learn how to unblock someone on Facebook or in Messenger. Point number 4 is kinda pointless as you still can see his/her name in messenger.

5. Privacy Reason:

In this case, you can see the user profile. But Facebook will not allow you to send messages or call him/her. In this case, you may also get “This person is not available on messenger/Facebook.” or something like that. It has been happening so because the user set privacy to receive text/call. Like, the verified users have some extra features to provide them more privacy as they usually get lots of text on messenger.

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6. If the user doesn’t have a messenger installed in his/her phone, then you may face the issue.

**One more info is that, if you could message him on Facebook or on the web (try this) but you cannot text him on messenger, then you should remove or delete the cache of the messenger. If you do not know how to clear cache then try uninstalling and reinstalling messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does it mean when it says this person isn't receiving messages right now?

    The most probable reason is that the person has deactivated his/her account. Check the above stated reasons.

  • What does it mean when it says this person isn't receiving calls right now?

    May be, this person isn't using messenger anymore. Or he/she is using Facebook lite.

  • How can you tell if someone has blocked you from messenger?

    If anyone blocked you on Messenger you will see her profile but you cannot message him/her. And if anyone blocked you on Facebook, you cannot text him and also you cannot see her profile. In this case, you both are unfriend each other. Check our reason no 4 for more details.

  • What does it mean when you can't message someone on messenger?

    You may be blocked or this person is not available right now.

  • What does it mean when it says this person is unavailable on messenger?

    This is what I described in this whole article. The most probable reason is this person blocked you.

I hope this article helps you to get the exact information regarding this Facebook messenger error.

If you still have any questions regarding the issue “This person is not available/ contactable on Facebook/messenger” or anything like that, put a comment in the comment box. We are happy to reply to every individual comment.

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    • Thanks for commenting!
      Go to messenger, click “people” from the bottom. After that, click ‘all people’ beside ‘add people’ from upper right corner. Then find out the person who is not available. And then click info button from the right side of the person. Then you will see remove contact. If you are not able to remove, let me know. I will try to write tutorial on it.

  1. Hi Mir, thanks for sharing probable reasons. Suddenly I am seeing this error while texting my new girlfriend. Could you fix this? I am ready to pay you for your service.

    • Hiya! Thanks for sharing your issue. But it can’t be fixed by your side. You can ask her by calling if she blocked you or deleted her account. If her account exists then she herself can solve the problem by unblocking you or taking back the account from delete option.

  2. I’m having this issue, but it’s only with some people. Most still can message me, but others can’t unless I form a group chat with them. Nothing has been changed in settings and no one is blocked. The people who can’t can see the message I send them, but they can’t respond back and get that person is unavailable message.

  3. Hello,

    This question is for someone who we are not friends on this particular account of theirs anymore because I had blocked them in the past, but I was still always able to see their profile, photos, and posts when I unblocked them.

    In my messenger conversation with this person, it says “This person is unavailable on messenger” and there is no option to send them a message anymore (this just happened a day or two ago). Then I go to ‘view Facebook profile’ and it says “content not found”. When I search their name, it says “We couldn’t find anyone to show for…” But when I search them via another Facebook profile, they show up in search just fine. Does this mean they blocked me?

  4. Hello. I was chatting with someone on messenger. After 2 days it says this person Is unavailable on messenger although I can see his profile photo. If I am blocked by him is there a way to unblock myself on his messenger . How can I find him in another facebook profile?
    Can you please help.

    • Answer for your first question is if he doesn’t unblock you, you can’t unblock yourself from his account.
      For the second question__ you can search his name using another account. If he deletes or deactivates his account then you will not be able to find him.

  5. People cannot send me a message on Messenger anymore. They get the error ‘This user is unavailable’. My account is active, I am not sure what the problem is?

  6. Hello,
    I have ordered a SIM card via messenger. I don’t get the delivery yet. Today is about 1 week or order. And now I get “This person insn’t available on messenger” error. Is he cheated me?

  7. Hi, I’m the same here. I message a person on Facebook and saying I’m unavailable to message back. I haven’t blocked them or anything. I can still see there profile and all she had to do to reply back to me is like my message is there any way I can get this to go away.

  8. I see this message on my phone for only one person. When I go to Messenger on my computer, everything works fine. On my phone, I can see her messages but I can’t reply. On my computer, I see her messages and can reply like normal. This is only happening with one contact. Any ideas?

    • Everything is okay, you cannot reply her in phone because of cache, try removing all cache file from messenger app. I myself faced this problem three days ago. Or uninstall & reinstall messenger. Is that make sense?

  9. In my Facebook Messenger, it says someone (My Friend) is unavailable on messenger. I checked all the options stated above. But I am not sure what does it actually mean when it says this person is unavailable on messenger?

  10. I can visit the profile and it shows that we’re “Friends” but in messenger it says “This person is not available in messenger”. What does this mean?

    • Are you able to text him on the web? I mean try texting him from a browser like chrome, if you can text him from the browser and cannot text him from the messenger app, then we will tell you how to fix.

    • I have this problem on Facebook messenger. I can not contact her, it says this person is unavailable on messenger. What exactly happened

  11. I’ve been blocked on Facebook as I can’t see their profile but I can see their profile on messenger but saying ‘The person is unavailable on messenger’, does this mean I am blocked fully? But when I search up, it said I can send messages if the person comes active in messenger?

  12. I was in conversation on messenger with someone; but we are not friends on facebook; however I could see his profile when i search it; suddenly the (this person is unavailable on facebook) appeared and cannot find his profile when i search for it. I tried from another account to search for his profile and appeared to me…and could send messages on messenger but an empty circle ( not shaded) with a right click in it appears..
    Sorry for long comment but hope you can help me as i urgently need to contact this person for important issues.
    Thank you in advance

  13. i would like to use this option on messenger to avoid
    chatting with me… they are member and my group and they participate

  14. My friend and I are friends on Facebook and messenger. We all of a sudden cannot call on messenger or message. We are not blocked. What can we do? Please help

    • Login to your Facebook account from a browser and therefore try to send him a message. After that, let us know what is the update. Then we will guide you what to do next.

  15. I can receive messages off my friend on messenger but cannot reply because it says this person is unavailable on messenger right now

  16. I reinstalled the massenger and Facebook… clear my cache data but still facing the same issue (the person is unavailable on massenger) while from another ID i checked the same ID which is showing ok in massenger. Kindly help me to resolve the issue

  17. hey brother Assalamu alikum…
    brother I’m facing the same issue but i want the result something else…
    i mean me and my friend use to chat on fb and one day his account were disabled by facebook and he is not able to recover his ID and now when i open our conversation from my id then the massages what i have sent him that only i can see but whatever he had sent me that’s not there all are faded… so my brother how can i get his text back or whatever he had sent me how i can get them back…. please please help me out brother… i want his text and whatever he had sent me that all i want them back in my conversation chat help me bro

    • You cannot do whatever you want. I mean, it’s impossible to regain the messages back. The only way is, the disabled id should be active again to see these messages again. Your friend can request Facebook to reactive his ID again.

      • Brother when my friend login to that id he can’t able to do so because there is a message from Facebook that his ID is disabled and due to the long internal had already passed. So they can’t review it.. Do you have any idea??? How he can get his back?

  18. Hi my name is Hannah and I have a question. I have been trying to message my boyfriend on messenger and it says he is unavailable. Than I try to look for his profile but its no longer there. Than the weird part is is that he can see mine. Wat has happened and how can we fix it? Thanks

  19. OK how would I access messenger thru a browser? I did create another account to see if I could re add him but his profile doesn’t come up on there either. I’m wondering if the phone he uses didn’t deactivate his account or put it on delete lol.

  20. hi, my old conversation on facebook messenger with some of my friends are shown as “messages unavailable “. the messages i sent are visible and i can see them but the messages others sent me are not visible by me. only my side of conversation are seen. How did this happen pls reply i need help

  21. In the bottom it reads “the person is unavailable on messenger”. The profile picture is default. There is no name shown.
    When trying to check profile, it says “this page isn’t available” at the moment.

  22. So this is a long post but we are trying to figure out what has happened so any assistance is appreciated. My boyfriend said he deleted his facebook account a few days ago. He said he wasn’t on messenger at all too. It shows a default picture but pulls up his name in messenger. Once in a while if I log on messenger, it will show his actual picture from his active account and then when I go out of it and try to go back in, it shows the default picture. Why is it doing this?

  23. I was going to delete my account but decided to keep it and logged back in. I can see who is online and I can send messages to friends. The problem I am having is that people cannot message me because it shows them I am “unavailable on messenger” even if they receive my message.

  24. I can’t reply one of my friends on messenger even though she can text me. I juse see this person is unavailable on messenger. But I can make video call to him.

  25. Hello! I blocked someone about a month ago and when I unblocked him today there is this message that says “this person isn’t available in messenger”. When I did search for his profile in facebook it still shows. Did he block me on messenger or is it because I blocked him for quite some time and my messenger is still adjusting to it? Thanks!

  26. I cannot send someone a message on messenger, but I can be able to call that person. It says that the person is unavailable on meesenger. But it is not blocked from both ends

  27. I have the same issue. It’s showing “not available on messenger” but it says we’re still friends on Facebook but he’s not showing in my friends list.

  28. Hi, I know I’ve been unfriended and then blocked by a friend. How come sometimes it says “this person is unavailable on Messenger” and sometimes it’s not there and I can type a message to send, yet I can’t search for their profile on Facebook? Have I been blocked on messenger then unblocked? Or is this an app glitch?

      • I know I’m blocked, I’m asking why does it sometimes say “this person is unavailable on messenger” but sometimes it’s not there and I can type a message to them? If you’re blocked you can’t do that right?

  29. How to get back the Hacked Fb account showing, this person is unavailable on messenger. Is there any way to get back account that is hacked but then secured by Fb?
    But not showing any messages to other people on messenger? Is it’s deactivated or deleted by hacker?

  30. Is it possible to know the exact reason why I get the message ‘This person is unavailable on Messenger’. I understood the article but would like to know the personal reason of that person, was it the person blocked me, did FB deleted the person account, was this person trying to be someone else? etc etc
    Thank you!

    • Check the person’s account from another Facebook account. If everything is okay, then it’s sure that the person blocked you.

  31. I deactivated my fb and messenger for just a little time and then I activated it immediately. But this one particular person can’t send me message anymore… He said that I am unavailable in messenger but he can only video chat me…
    Then I made a group chat between him and me. And there he can send message… But with our personal conversation he can’t. Help me… Thank you!

    Btw it happened before… With him only again.

  32. Hello!
    My friend has similar problem as described above.
    I cannot send him messages anymore through Messenger.
    It says that “This person is unavailable on Messenger”.
    However, he has not blocked me.
    I can still write to him through browser (from Facebook).

    How to solve this situation?

  33. He can log in to his Messenger account. He can send messages to everyone (including me).
    But noone can reply him from messenger.
    He has also tried to log in from different device (also did not solve the problem, we are still not able to message him)

    He has also “Reported a Technical Problem”, but hasn’t received any response yet.

  34. Messanger says I’m unavailable for one person . I’ve deleted messanger and re installed it but it’s still the same . How can I fix this problem .

    • It’s not your problem then. Tell your friend. It’s her/her problem. Try him to find the solution that will work for him/her.

  35. Hello, my girl and I has been discussing this for weeks now, I didn’t block her on messenger or in facebook but when she viewed our conversation, she saw that “this person is unavailable on messenger” I was actively using messenger and fb that time and her friends looked into our conversation and it’s the normal one haha please how was this possible? Like I swear I didn’t blocked her on messenger and facebook


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