Traffic Jam Paragraph - for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11, 12

Traffic Jam Paragraph - for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11, 12

Paragraph on Traffic Jam 1

Traffic Jam Paragraph: Traffic Jam is a condition of a blockade of any types of vehicles on roads and streets. It is a major problem in urban areas. There are a number of reasons for occurring traffic jams. Unlicensed and unamused rickshaws are the main causes of traffic jams. Violating traffic rules and regulations, illegal parking of vehicles on roads also causes a traffic jam. Again, narrow roads and frequent digging for development work, cause a traffic jam. Budding materials piled on roads cause traffic jams too. Whatever the causes of traffic jams may be, it is a great threat to urban people. In our daily activities, we cannot become fast and punctual because traffic jam kills our valuable 'time.

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Office going people, school-going children and dying patients are also a victim to traffic jam. So, it is our bounden responsibility to solve this problem. But there is no fixed way to solve this problem. It requires united action to solve this problem. Small shops and markets should be removed from the roadsides. In some places, the government should build fly-over and people should be made aware of the traffic rules and regulations. We should not cross the roads in an indisciplined way. All these above-mentioned measures will definitely help us to remove the traffic jam.

Traffic Jam Paragraph 2

Traffic jam paragraph: Nowadays, traffic jam is a common affair in the cities and towns. Traffic jam is one of the major problems of recent times. There are lots of reasons behind traffic jams. In proportion to the number of vehicles, roads have not increased in ost of the areas. Almost all the roads are the same. There are many unlicensed vehicles in our country. These vehicles should be brought under control. One of the major problems is that the drivers are not willing to obey the traffic rules. They want to drive at their sweet will. The overtaking tendency of drivers also causes traffic jams.

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In proportion to the population, the number of traffic police is insufficient. At once time traffic jam is intolerable. Sometimes the length of the jam is so heavy that it blocks half a kilometer and even more. It kills our most valuable time and so our work is hampered. It causes great suffering to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles. However, we can solve this problem by adopting some effective measures. Well-planned spacious roads should be constructed. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. The government should impose traffic rules strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey the rules. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on every important point of the city. Again, all unlicensed vehicles should be removed immediately. After taking all these measures we can hope to remove traffic jams. Add we can expect a good traffic system for our easy and comfortable movement.

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