Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Composition and Essay

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Composition and Essay

Composition on the Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Composition/ Essay; Employment means doing a certain work to earn a likelihood. Unemployment denotes the state of not having a job to earn one's livelihood. To say elaborately, there are fewer jobs and facilities for work than there are people who can work and are ready to work. It is the acute problem that becomes a menace to our national economy.

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Due to the population explosion in this small country, we have to face many problems where unemployment problems stand in the first row. The finding of a job is tedious here. It has to undergo a good deal of trouble, anxiety, mortification, and humiliation to find out a job. Statistics show that on average 54% of manpower remains unemployed and 23% of them live in utter poverty every year.

The unemployment problem has emerged as the population grew bigger and bigger with the passage of time. The causes of unemployment problem are mentioned below :-

  1. In this small country, the population is very large. More people are looking for employment than there are opportunities (vacant) for employment.
  2. There is a lack of skilled people for what people with university degrees and without skills are remaining unemployed.
  3. A few mills and factories were established after independence in 1971. The factories are insufficient for people who need a job.
  4. Hankering after a dignified job is a cause of unemployment. Disliking Laborious job plays a role in this regard.
  5. The chaos and anarchy created by political parties compel the foreign investors not to invest money in different developing works and thus many people are deprived of having a job.

However, the consequences of severe unemployment are many. Some of them are :-

  1. It cripples the easy movement of the economy. The future of the economy and political conditions become uncertain.
  2. The youths go astray if they do not have jobs to do. Then they will indulge in unfair political movements.
  3. The peace of society will be shattered with the people and they will adopt unfair tasks for money.
  4. A social crime like hijacking extortion will increase.

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Anyway, there are some ways of solving the problems. They are mentioned below :-

  1. The education which makes everyone fit to earn money should be innovative.
  2. The establishment of the cottage industry, the handloom industry, vocational training centers has to be encouraged.
  3. Initiatives have to be taken by govt. to industrialize the country.
  4. Debt for employment programs should be enhanced.
  5. Vocational training centers have to be established.

Owing to the dramatic increase in the population, the number of unemployed people is increasing horrifyingly. Therefore, it goes without saying that population control is the most important measure to be taken. Moreover, all the people of all levels from society have to be made aware of the importance of population control for the unemployment problem.

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