Unity is Strength Story/ The Farmer and His Sons

Unity is Strength Story/ The Farmer and His Sons

You can write this story as 1. Unity is Strength Story Farmer 2. The Farmer and His Sons Story 3. Union is strength story

Story on Unity is Strength

Unity is Strength Story: Once there was a farmer. He had four sons. They always quarreled with each other. This made the farmer very unhappy. The neighbors of this area were also disturbed every now and then for their loud shouts. The farmer tried to bring them into their senses but failed. At last, he thought of a plan. One day, the sons were quarreling again. This time, the old farmer heard them. Then, he implemented his plan. The old man told his sons to bring four sticks and some cords too. The sons were surprised, yet they did so.

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The farmer tied the sticks together strongly with the cord. Then he said to his sons, “Now, try and break this bundle of sticks." The four sons one after another tried, but couldn’t break the bundle. The old man then untied the sticks and gave one stick to each of his sons. Then he told his every son to break the sticks. This time, they easily broke all sticks. Then he told his sons, “You are exactly like a single stick. When you are alone, you are weak. But when you are united, you are strong.”  The sons understood the lesson and promised not to quarrel again in the future.

Story on The Farmer and His Sons

The Farmer and His Sons Story; Once there lived an old farmer in a certain village. The old farmer had four sons. They always used to quarrel among themselves. So, there was no peace in the farmer's house. So this made the old farmer extremely anxious. One day he said to his four sons, "Boys, why do you always quarrel? That is no way to live.”. The sons would not listen to their father. Each wanted the best of everything. Each son thought the father did more for the others than for him. The old farmer bore the quarreling as long as he could. One day he called his all sons to him.

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He had in his hand a bundle of four sticks. "I wanna see which one of you can break this bundle of sticks quickly," he said. The eldest one tried first. The eldest son was the strongest, but he could not break it though he used all his strength. After that, each of his sons tried hard to break the bundle. None of them could break it. At last, they gave the bundle of sticks back to the old farmer, saying, "We cannot break the bundle at all."

So their father untied the bundle and gave each son one stick. "Now break the sticks," said the farmer. They all said, "That is very easily done," and they held up the broken sticks. ”Now tell us why you asked us to break these sticks," said the sons. "Do you not see," replied the old man, "that if you all stand together, none can harm you; but if each of you stands by himself, you may easily be ruined like sticks"

Moral of the story: United we stand, divided we fall

Story on Union is strength

Union is strength story: Once lived many animals in a forest. There was no unity among them. One day a lion came there. He was very big and cruel. He began to kill animals each day- one for breakfast, one for lunch and another for supper. All the animals became anxious. They requested the lion not to kill them but in vain. In this circumstance, a clever fox called a meeting of all the leaders of each animal species of the forest. Together they hit a plan to get rid of the ferocious lion.

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The next day, when the lion was searching for his breakfast, he found that all the animals were roaming around in a group, and the groups of big animals like elephants and buffaloes were guarding the smaller animals. Being alone the lion could not hunt any animal for breakfast. The same thing happened at lunch and supper. The lion starved for two days as the animals stayed united and strictly executed their plan. On the third day, the lion felt helpless and left the forest. The animals became very happy. Since then the lion was never seen in that forest.

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