World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh Paragraph

World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh Paragraph

Paragraph on World Heritage Sites of Bangladesh 

World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh Paragraph; Properties of the cultural and natural heritage of a member country are inscribed in UNESCO'S World Heritage List. Now, we have three attractive World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh. They are the Historic Mosque City of Bagherhat, Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur, and the Sundarbans. The first two sites were enlisted in 1985 as cultural heritages while the third one was included in 1997 as natural heritage. Member states can maintain a list of tentative sites that the World Heritage Committee may consider for nomination to the World Heritage list.

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Nominations for the list are only accepted if the site was previously included in the tentative list. As of the year 2014, Bangladesh has five sites in the tentative list. The sites are

  1. Halud Bihari
  2. Jaggadala Bihari
  3. Lalbagh Fort
  4. Mahansthangarh and its Environs
  5. The Lalmai-Mainamati Group of Monuments.

All these were submitted in 1999 as cultural heritage. When any site enters int the World Heritage Sites, it gains international recognition and attention. However, the government and other socio-cultural organizations should come forward to take our cultural and natural heritage to the world community.

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