Write a dialogue about the environment pollution

Write a dialogue about the environment pollution

Suppose you are Sonia and your friend is Tania. Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend about the environment pollution like water pollution, air pollution, and sound pollution.

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Write a dialogue about the environment pollution water pollution, air pollution, and sound pollution

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Sonia: Hi Rakib. How are you?
Tania: Fine, what about you?
Sonia: I‘m well, but a matter made me worried and that's the environment pollution.
Tania: Yes, you've given an eye to an important matter. Environment pollution has reached an alarming position at present.
Sonia: So far as I know, you know a lot about environment pollution. What is the cause of it?
Tania: It is a matter of regret that man is the main culprit for environment pollution. Man does many unwise things that cause environment pollution.
Sonia: Can you cite some examples of human activities that cause environment pollution?

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Tania: A huge examples can be cited. Think about water pollution. Man leads the drains to the livers or canals. They also exit human waste into water. Farmers use an insecticide in the fields which sometimes get mixed with water. All of these cause environment pollution.
Sonia: Air pollution is also so acute, isn't it?
Tania: Exactly. Man produces smoke in many ways and pollutes it.
Sonia: In the town area sound pollution and odour pollution are also so acute. Can‘t we get nd of this pollution?
Tania: Of course. Awareness should be created m this regard. If every individual is aware of this problem, environment pollution can be lessened to a great extent.
Sonia: Thanks a lot for saying regarding environment pollution.
Tania: No mention.

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