Write a letter consoling your friend on his failure in the examination

Write a letter consoling your friend on his failure in the examination

Suppose, you are Monir and your friend is Hasan who lives in Sherpur, Bogura. Now, write a letter to a friend/ your friend consoling him/her on his failure in the examination/ exam.

Write a letter to a friend consoling him on his failure in the examination

Sherpur, Bogura
18 March 2020

Dear Hasan

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I am really very sorry to hear the news of your failure in the Final Examination. It is a matter of surprise to me how you could fail at all. You had informed me just after the examination that you could not write a satisfactory answer to a few questions in English and History. So I thought that you might miss the First Division by a few marks only. But that you would be unsuccessful in the exam was beyond my imagination.

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Now I think that your prolonged illness before the examination may be the root of your failure. You need not,  however, dipped in frustration. Take heart and start afresh. If you work with diligence. I am sure that you will come out successfully in the next chance.

Please remember the good old saying.  Failure’s are the pillars of success.

Yours over

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