Write a letter describing your experience of your visit to a new place

Suppose, you are Mollica and your friend is Asifa who lives in Shamanagar, Satkhira. Now, write a letter to your friend describing your experience of your visit to a new place.

Write a letter to your friend describing your experience of your visit to a new place

Shamanagar, Satkhira
20 February 2020

My dear Asifa,

Take my heartiest love at first. You haven’t written to me for about two months. However, this writing is to inform you of a pleasing tour that I along with some of my friends and family members made last week. The tour was to grand city Dhaka. We enjoyed the place very much. Now I would like to share my feelings and experience with you. You know one of my brothers lives in the city of Dhaka. He had been requesting me to go to Dhaka to visit the city.

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So last week I decided to go to Dhaka. We went to Dhaka By bus and my brother received me at the Gabtoli Bus Terminal. From the next day, we started visiting different places in Dhaka city with my brother. He was in fact our guide. He took us to many important places in the city. First of all, we visited the National Memorial at Saver. Then I was astonished visiting the ‘Jatya Sangsad Bhaban’ because of its architectural beauty and vast compound. In the afternoon we visited the National Shaheed Minar and National Museum. The next day we went to the National Zoo at Mirpur, Lalbag Fort, and some other places.

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We also visited. newly built flyover at different places in Dhaka. We also visited some historical places in Old Dhaka such as Star Mosque, Ahsan Monjil, Lalbag Fort, Hosni Dalan, etc. Vesting these places we not only enjoyed much but also gathered a lot of experience. This tour to Dhaka will remain ever fresh in mind.

No more today, Best regards to your parents and also love to the youngers.

Yours ever

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