Write a letter to your friend about your favourite game

Write a letter to your friend about your favourite game

Suppose you are Asad and your friend is Rakib who lives in Dhaka. Now write a letter to your friend descring/ about your favorite game.

18 March 2020

Dear Rakib

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It was a pleasure to read your letter and know about your favourite game. Though I do not enjoy cricket very much, I think I can now appreciate it better after reading you later. Thank you for explaining all those minute details of the game that I never quite understood. but tennis will still remain my favourite game. in fact, I have two favourite games, tennis and chess. I play tennis every afternoon for 2 hours in a local club. It gives me a lot of physical exercises and helps me develop alertness, determination and agility. I also like to watch tennis, particularly tournaments like the Wimbledon or the French Open.

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I also enjoy playing chess. Some people consider chess to be slow and boring and means to idle away time. But for me, a game of chess is a battle of nerves. In fact, it helps me to be patient and concentrate to take quick decisions. It is a very challenging game that simply fascinates me.

Do you also play chess? if you do, then we can start playing it through the mail. please let me know how you feel about the idea.

Your truly

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