Write a letter to your friend about your hobby/ favorite hobby

Write a letter to your friend about your hobby/ favorite hobby

Suppose, you are Habib and your friend is Helal who lives in Dhaka. He wanted to know about your hobby/favorite hobby gardening. Now, write a letter to your friend about your hobby.

18 March [year]

Dear Helal
It now springs here! And your latter brings me the fragrance of some unknown flowers in your garden. It moves me towards my garden as you know, gardening is my favorite hobby.

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A little space in front of our cottage is used for gardening. I dig the land. sow the seeds and water the plants there. It involves hard work but it is not tiresome, because I enjoy the work. It is a place where I can sit for hours watching the flowers and the twigs nodding in the breeze. I feel that the plants and their flowers are not mute insensate things. They have a language of their own which I understand. A part of my garden behind our cottage also serves us as a kitchen garden. Although a hobby is a source of pleasure, not of profit, my kitchen garden combines the two.

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My friends often ask me why I have chosen gardening as my hobby when there are so many fashionable hobbies like stamp-collecting, coin collecting, photography etc. Frankly Speaking, nobody knows why one has chosen one' s hobby. It must be my nature that draws me to gardening.

Would you please let me know your hobby? With love and good wishes.

Yours sincerely

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