Write a letter to your friend describing your school

Write a letter to your friend describing your school

Suppose, you are Ratiq and your friend is Hasna who lives in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Now, write a letter to your friend informing/describing him/her about your school/ new school.

Write a letter to your friend informing him/her about your school

15 April [year]

Dear Hasna

How are you? In your last letter, you wanted to know about our school. You know that I am lucky to study in a famous Zilla school here. This is the biggest and most famous school in our town.

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Our Zilla school is situated right near to the Dhaka highway, not very far from the center of the town. lt has an area of 4 acres and has three buildings and large held. I should say we are lucky to have ample space both at classes and at the field. The buildings house the classrooms, the laboratory, the teachers' lounge, and the office. We also have a canteen in one building. In the field, we have space for football and Kabadi. Sometimes in the winter season, we bring in our own bats and balls and play cricket. Sometimes people use the field for local gatherings.

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Our school remains very busy all through the day. Our classes begin at 9.00 in the morning and run till 4.00 in the afternoon with a break at 1 O'clock. We have a total number of 700 students in 10 sections of 6 classes. In class 9 we have 8 periods each day. Bangla, English, and Mathematics are the compulsory periods that we have every day. In the junior classes, they have 6 periods. We also have two games periods each week when we play in the field.

The teachers of our school are very friendly with us. We can depend on our teachers not only to study matters but also for matters related to our other interests. Some of them run activity clubs in school. The clubs are the place where one can go and pursue his or her hobby. I am a member of the debating club. We practice debating within the club and arrange to debate competitions among classes and among other schools as well. Our English teacher runs this club. He not only guides us in writing good speeches but also shows us how to present them.

Shortly, I can tell you studying in this Zilla school is a great experience. Along with the regular study, we can develop our other abilities as well. I guess you are planning to shift to a new school. If you ask for suggestions from me I will recommend my school without any hesitation.

With best wishes


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