Write a letter to your friend describing the picnic at Kuakata

Write a letter to your friend describing the picnic at Kuakata

Suppose you are Asif and your friend is Salem. Now, write a letter to your friend Slama/Salmna who lives in7 Dhanmondi, Dhaka describing the picnic at Kuakata.

7 Dhanmondi, Dhaka
1 Apri 2020

Dear Salem

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Hoping you to be quite well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also well. Friend, you'll be glad to know that recently I went on a picnic to Kuakata. On March 11, I along with my friend went there by the arrangement of Bengal Tour Company. After seven and a half an hour bus journey we reached there. When we arrived there it was midday. After taking some rest we began to observe the sights and sounds of the sea-beach Kuakata. We heard the roar of the sea.

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In the meantime, the sun was beginning to set. Seeing the scene of setting sun I was just dumb. it seemed to me an unearthly scene. The next morning we went to the same place and surprisingly we observed the sun was peeping on the same plane that it lost another day. The scene will remain in my mind as a lifetime experience. I did not find it easy before telling my experience to you. If you had joined our picnic, surely it would have increased our pleasure. Hoping to join another picnic like this with you.
No more today. Best regards to your parents and love to the younger ones.

Yours ever

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