You Can’t Reply To This Conversation: Facebook Messenger

You Can't Reply To This Conversation Facebook Messenger
You Can't Reply To This Conversation; Facebook Messenger Help

Facebook Messenger is a popular social networking app that has so many features like chatting, calling both audio and video, group, secret conversation, etc. While using Facebook messenger, we sometimes see an error saying “you can’t reply to this conversation“. So in this article, I will write all the possible reasons and how to fix the problem “you cannot reply to this conversation anymore

Reasons for showing you cannot reply to this conversation

Below, I’ve enlisted all the possible reasons for showing this error.

You blocked the person:

If you blocked the person you’re trying to message on Facebook or in Messenger, you will see “you can’t reply to this conversation. To be able to send messages to the person, you first need to unblock him/her. Learn how to unblock someone on Facebook or in messenger.

The person blocked you:

Same as the previous reason, if someone blocked you on Messenger or Facebook, you will see this error. If he/she accidentally blocked you, tell him/her to unblock you.

The Person is no longer on Facebook:

If the person deactivated or deleted his/her Facebook account, you cannot messages to him/her. So this time also you will see this error.

No one exists in this group conversation:

If you created a conversation or secret conversation, and if everyone left the group you will see the same error this time too.

Other issues:

If you think that no one of the above-mentioned reasons is happening to you, there may be other issues. Sometimes you may see, this person is unavailable on messenger. However, it may happen for the internet connection too. So check your connection.

How to fix you can’t reply to this conversation error

There is no specific method to fix this problem. As I previously mentioned that 90 percent of this error is for blocking each other on messenger or Facebook. But if you are able to message him on Facebook or lite app or on the web (try this) but you cannot text him on the messenger app, then you should try removing or deleting the cache of the messenger. If you do not know how to remove or delete cache files, then try uninstalling and reinstalling messenger.

I hope, you got the point for showing “you can’t reply to this conversation anymore“. If you still have questions, let us know by dropping a comment.

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