About Wikilogy

Welcome to wikilogy– Know The Unknown, one of the most reliable sources of ‘how-to’ tutorials, educative contents, and miscellaneous articles. In 2019, Azad Hossen created this site along with Mir Tarhimul Quader. Before that in the span of 2016 to 2018, Azad created several tech-related websites but for the lack of company and requisite idea, none of his plans worked out. Because of his focused and immovable mentality and the team’s top-notch performance since the beginning, Wikilogy has become one of the best-known and trustworthy platforms on the internet.

What we provide

At the outset, the authority pre-eminently concentrated on tech-related articles and tutorials. Such as: About Android and iOS features and problems, WordPress tutorials and solutions to the problems regarding WP, Windows tutorial and problem fixing. After one year of the foundation, a few experienced and dedicated authors were appointed. As a result, articles about other topics had started to be provided on the website. Health-related articles are certainly mentionable. Apart from all these highly demanded stuff, some academic topics are available on this site. Such as English Grammar, Paragraphs/Short Compositions, Essays, Letters, Applications, Resumes, Stories, etc.

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