Write a dialogue about your plan after the SSC Examination

Write a dialogue about your plan after the SSC Examination

Suppose you are Rahim and your friend is Faruk. Now write a dialogue between you and your friend Faruk about your plan after the SSC Examination.

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your plan after the SSC Exam

Myself: How have you done today, in the last examination. Faruk?
Faruk: I have done very well and hoping to get A+.
Myself. I am too. My friend, we have got a lot of time to enjoy ourselves.
Faruk: I think so. But at the same time, I have a plan to go to my native village.
Myself: I think, we should manage time to complete the three months long language course in English offered by the British Council.
Faruk: It's a good idea. But I went to help my villagers. Most of them are farmers. They do not know the scientific method of cultivation because most of them are illiterate. l have decided to educate these illiterate villagers in this Leisure time.
Myself: What an idea! But I think its a difficult job.

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Faruk: I know. But we have a duty towards them and we, three cousins and five friends from our village will work for it.
Myself: But can you avoid the importance of English?
Faruk: No, of course, no. We have got enough time and will spend only two hours a day to educate the villagers in the evening. We ourselves may practice learning English. We have a great opportunity to make conversations about different topics ourselves.
Myself: Where will you get various teaching aids and books?
Faruk: We have already raised a fund. The local Chairman has granted take 20,000. Our rich people are also helping us. Besides, we will teach them without pay. They will bless us.
Myself: I see, you have a good feeling for the villagers.
Faruk: You should also feel for them.
Myself: If I were not insisted by my father to do the English language course, I would join with you.
Faruk: Let's talk to your father and discuss the matter.

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