Application for relief goods & medical aids for flood-affected people

Application for relief goods & medical aids for flood-affected people

Application to the DC for relief and medical aids for the flood-affected people of your area

Suppose, you are Mahmud/Mahmuda of a village Rupnagar, Upazila Sonapur, District Rangpur. Recently 3 floods have swept over your area. It has caused great havoc. Many people in this area are suffering from want of food, cloth, pure drinking water, medicine, etc. They need immediate help from the government. Now, write an application to the DC (Deputy Commissioner) of your district for relief and medical aids for the flood-affected people of your village/ area.

29 August 2020
The Deputy Commissioner
Subject: Prayer for relief and medical aids for the flood-affected people.


On behalf of the people of village Rupnagar, Upazila: Sonapur I beg to draw your kind attention to the fact that flood has recently visited this area. This devastating flood has broken all the records of the past. The water level of this time has risen so high. Besides, the duration has also been so long. Normal activities have been stopped for a long time. Many people have lost their homes, clothes & other necessary goods. Hence they became homeless, foodless, and clothless. The miseries of the affected people have known no bounds. Crops have been greatly damaged. A herd of cattle has been washed away. Many people have taken their shelter on roods, boats, and embankments. They are now living under the open air.

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Moreover, the flood of this time has already begun taking many human lives. Cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, etc. have broken out here and there. They turned in an epidemic form now. The affected people now badly need food, clothes, medicines, pure drinking water, etc.

In the circumstances, I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to send enough relief goods to the flood-affected people of this area immediately to lessen the sufferings of the people.

Yours faithfully,
Name: Mahmud Hasan
Village: Rupnagar
Upazila: Sonapur
District: Rangpur

Request to e Deputy Commissioner for relief goods and medicine for flood victims

14 March 2020
The Deputy Commissioner
Zakigonj, Sylhet
Subject: Request for relief goods

I, the inhabitant of the village Rasulpur under Zakigonj Upazila, would like to approach you the following fact in the hope of getting your benign consideration. , Now, the Rasulpur area is inundated with a violent flood. Most of the Kacha houses have come down to the ground level. The owners of these are already homeless. The roadside is their residence. The men of the Paka houses have taken shelter on their housetops. Some of them have been town dwellers. A lot of people are suffering fi-om want of food, clothing, pure drinking water, medicine, etc. Besides, under the heap of great havoc they are seeing anything dim. Again, various kinds of epidemic diseases have broken out like the plague. The old men afflicted with floods have become half dead. Under the above circumstances, I beseech that your honor would be considerate enough to provide with needful relief goods for the above mentioned famished victims of the accursed flood.

Faithfully yours
Tofazzal Hossain
On behalf of the people of Rasulpur

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