An Application for Volunteering Job- for all class students

An Application for Volunteering Job
An Application for Volunteering Job

You have come to know that a new organization Young Volunteers engage school going students as an apprentice for office work. Write an application for a volunteering job expressing your interest to work with them. Tell them the dates and times you are free to work. Sagarika Tanchanka  Master Colony  Rangamati 

10 January 2020
Young Volunteers
College Road

Subject: An application for a volunteering job

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Dear Sir

I’m a grade 6 student of Uddipon School, Rangamati. I have come to know from some senior students that your organization is working with school-going students. A few days ago some of my classmates worked as volunteers in a cleaning campaign. I am also interested in this campaign. I can work there as a volunteer on my weekends. As this is our hometown and we should keep it clean.

I would really appreciate it if you please enlist me as a volunteer for your cleaning campaign and contact me when needed.

With best regards,

The contact number of the guardian: +8801XXXXXXXXX

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