Application for a debate competition- for all class students

Application for a debate competition- for all class students

Application to the headmaster for permission to hold a debate

12 August 2020
The Headmaster
Dhanmondi High School,
Subject: Permission to hold a debate

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We, the students of your school, have the honor to invite your kind attention to the fact that we would like to arrange a debate on the necessity of learning English. We are, now, in need of your permission to hold the debate. We, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to permit us to hold the debate on the necessity of learning English.

Yours most obediently
Tonia Ahmed (Culture Perfect)
On behalf of the students of the school

Write an application/ a letter to the Secretary for a debate competition

Letter to the Secretary, Banigram Sadhanpur High School Debating Club inviting their team to a debate competition.

Jakia Bari Momo
SPUHS Debating Club
9, GEC More,
12 February 2020

Christina Halder
Banigram Sadhanpur High School
Banskhali, Chittagong

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Subject: Invitation for a debate competition.  

Dear Mr. Afnan
Hope this letter will find you in good spirit and health.

SPUHS Debating Club is going to organize a debate competition at the school level since 20 February 2020. As part of this program, we are contacting schools for consent. I’m aware that City Blues School always takes part in such competitions. This time If you agree to register your team for the forthcoming competition, please contact us by 15 February 2020. We'll appreciate it If you a|so send us a list of the participants with your consent letter. Please feel free If you have any questions or queries.

I’ll be looking forward to your responses.

Best wishes
(Jakia Bari Momo)

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