Application for construction or repair of a bridge over the canal

Application for construction or repair of a bridge over the canal

Application to the Chairman of Union Council for the construction of a bridge over the canal

Suppose a big canal runs along your village. People of this village have to cross the canal every day. But at the time of crossing the canal, they face so many problems. Only the construction of a bridge can solve the problem. Now. write an letter/ application to the Chairman of your Union Council for the construction or repair of a bridge over the canal in your locality.

10 June 2020
The Chairman,
Sadhanpur Union Parishad
Sadhanpur, Banskhali, Chittagong
Subject: Prayer for construction/ repair of a bridge

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I, on behalf of the people of Sadhanpur, beg to draw your kind attention to the following fact that there runs an important canal along our village. It is near our college and market. Lots of people including students have to cross this canal every day. During rainy or dry season boats are not available. There is only a way to cross the canal. This is on foot. But it is quite impossible for children, old people and girl students to cross the canal on foot. Because the canal has become more deep and wide nowadays. So, the students cannot attend school & college for several months. Only a small bridge over the canal can remove all of our problems.

In the circumstances stated above, I would therefore, pray and hope that you would take necessary steps to construct or repair a bridge over the canal and oblige thereby.

Yours faithfully.
Karim Ullah
Vill. & P.O: Sadhanpur
Dist: Chittagong

Application/ Request to Deputy Commissioner for constructing a bridge

12 February 2020
Deputy Commissioner
Subject: Request for constructing a bridge

l, a student of Vabodah High School in the village of Chechori under Keshabpur Upazilla of Jashore district humbly lay before you the following fact for your benign conscience. Vobadah is a low landing locality which is austerely affected by flood and water clogging during the rainy season every year. Almost all roads become clammy in this season. Like other school-going boys and girls, I have to walk to school ignoring such natural adversity. I bear this phase as a natural fate. But a canal which I have to cross every day while going to school is replete with water in the rainy season. Again boats are not available there as well. it is additionally noted that all the people irrespective' of child, young and old face an acute situation during the rainy season. Helping hand from you is the only remedy of this problem, I draw.

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I, therefore, on behalf
of the people of the locality, hope that your honour would be gracious enough to construct a bridge over the canal to relieve me along with the other sufferers.

Sincerely yours
Zaman- on behalf of the sufferers

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