Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey Completing Story

Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey Completing Story

Story on Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey

Bread Dividing by a Cunning Monkey Story: Once two rats found a piece of bread. They are quarreling on how to divide the bread. They did not agree with each other's opinions to divide it. Because each of them wanted the larger portion of the bread. They quarreled for some time. Suddenly, they saw a monkey passing by. They told the monkey for dividing the bread between them. But the monkey was very clever. He said, “It is really a difficult task.” He brought a pair of scales. He divided the bread into two pieces and put them on the scales.

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This time the other piece was heavier. So, he took a small bite from that piece, but still, the pieces were unequal. So, the monkey was doing the same thing again and again. Soon there was only a little piece of bread left. “Stop! Stop!” shouted the two rats. “You are eating all our bread! Give back the piece of bread. We will divide it ourselves.” The monkey said angrily, “I have done a lot of work for you. So, I must take this little piece as my wage.” Saying this, he ate up the last piece of bread and went away.

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