Grocery shopping paragraph: assignment for class 6

Grocery shopping paragraph: assignment for class 6

Have you ever visited any grocery shop? Why did you go there and who with? What did you see there? If you are yet to visit such a shop, what are the reasons behind? In that case, narrate any of your shopping experiences in 300 words.

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Paragraph on Grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping Paragraph: Grocery shopping experience Buying the necessary things from a grocery store is called grocery shopping.Nowadays, especially in modern cities. All kinds of daily necessary things like milk, eggs, bread, oil, sugar, salt ,cold drinks etc are found in a grocery store.I went to grocery shop many times to buy some daily necessities. I went with my father. We have a grocery shop very close to our house called ” Agura super store”. This grocery shop is very beautiful and highly decorated. My father and I went out in the evening. Before leaving, mother made a list of what she needed. We reached the Super Store by rickshaw. The super shop is decorated with various illuminations. Many people roam outside the Super shop.

As a result, the Super shop seemed more amazing. There were two guards at the entrance of soper. As soon as we entered, a guard Greeted us. Going inside, I saw that everything was beautiful and tidy. Each product is shared separately li so that anyone can get the products very easily. The shop is decorated with various products. Everyone is happily following the rules and regulations and buying the necessary products. My father and I are looking at the list and buying our products. We bought potatoes, solt, rice, eggs, milk, oil, a variety of vegetables. I like to eat chocolate so my father bought me some chocolate. My father then went to the counter to pay the bill. Then my father and I came back home by a rickshaw. I liked it very much. That day has become memorable for me

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