Mobile Phone Paragraph- Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Paragraph- Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone

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Mobile Phone Paragraph

Paragraph on Mobile Phone: Mobile phone is one of the most useful inventions of modern science. It has added a new dimension to our daily life and to the communication system. It is a mobile phone system that works without any wire. We can move the mobile phone easily and quickly from place to place. Through the mobile phone, we can send messages to distant places, use the internet, play games, and sports, know about time, solve the work of calculation, be aware of different kinds of news and views. At present, the popularity of the mobile phone is increasing day by day. The price of a mobile phone is also decreasing in comparison with the past. Many mobile phone companies are encouraging people to buy a mobile-phone set at a cheaper rate. However, with the touch of science & technology, the whole world seems to be a global village.

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In a very single moment, we are using mobile to communicate with the people living in distant places. Although it has so many advantages, the cell phone has still some drawbacks in disguise. However, the price of the cell phone is decreasing day by day. But the per-minute bill is not decreasing at all. So everybody cannot possess it. Scientists have recently discovered that a mobile phone can cause cancer to users. Besides, the mobile phone has become a fashion with young people nowadays. Last but not least, terrorists are using it to spread out terrorism all around the world. But in spite of all these disadvantages, the Mobile phone has so many advantages. The necessity of a mobile phone cannot be described in words. We use it every now for exchanging messages, browsing the internet, calling someone, etc.

Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone Paragraph

Paragraph on Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone: Mobile phone refers to a telephone that does not have wires. It works by the radio. One can carry it with oneself and mail anywhere. It is a recent scientific invention. Mobile Phone has created coruscation all over the world. It is of great use to us. Besides communication with the people in distant places, one can send messages, know time-table, do the calculation, play games, and sports, hear songs and music, take snaps, be familiar with global culture by browsing the Internet with the help of a mobile phone. For all these merits, the popularity of mobile phones is increasing rapidly.

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One can communicate with one's near and dear persons in distant places in the twinkling of an eye by using a mobile phone. It saves our valuable time, energy and also money. One need not go to distant places to meet one‘s favorite persons for the use of mobile phones. The countries of the world are like families in a village with the help of technology. But the mobile phone has still some drawbacks in disguise. Though its price is gradually decreasing, the per-minute bull is not decreasing. And so all cannot buy it. Scientists have recently announced that using mobile phones can cause cancer. Moreover, terrorists use it to do terrorist activities. Nevertheless, the importance of mobile phones in quick communication is very great.

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