Essay on Female/Girl/Women Education: Essay Composition

Essay on Female/Girl/Women Education: Essay Composition

After reading this post, you can write 1. Women/Girl/Female Education Essay and Composition 2. Female Education in Bangladesh Composition/ Essay- suitable for class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Essay on Female Education

Female Education in Bangladesh Essay/Composition

Female Education in Bangladesh Composition/Essay; Education is the birthright of everybody. It makes a harmonious development of one's mental faculties. So, facilities for education should be held open to everybody. In this regard, we should not make any discrimination between men and women. In fact, education must be universal. Some people oppose female education. Many people opine that women are intellectually inferior to men. So women are mainly meant inhabitants only of the hearth and home. They should deal with the kitchen.

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They should perform the household duties, bring up the children and yield comforts to their male partners. On the whole, many people think their duties are totally confined within the four walls. The arguments stated above do not hold water. But it is true that women have some special tasks to do inside the household. But these special tasks cannot be properly done by an uneducated mistress as she is not in a position to do her household duties in a sound manner. We can expect something better from the women to acquit themselves well even in their special tasks. It is possible when they are given proper education. Women are found equal to men in all. respects except in physical strength.

The question of women's intellectual inferiority lays bare a negative answer. So there should not be any distinction between men and women in regard to education. Nowadays, many women are now successfully competing with men in every sector of education. Thus there cannot be any grounds to deprive them of the benefits of education. Women also have their social responsibilities. Half of the people in our country are women. No development can be brought about in our society without the participation of half of its members. And the development work of a country cannot be carried out successfully with uneducated women. Thus, the govt. should educate our women at the earliest. It may be better for us to modify the old system of education for our girls.

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Govt. should introduce many subjects like Home Economics, Domestic Science, Cooking, Sewing, and Nursing, etc. in the course of study. It is a good sign that there is a general awakening among them. The United Nations Charter provides for the removal of discrimination between men and women. The women of Bangladesh are also coming out of their domestic walls. Now women of our country are working side by side with men in every walk of life. Our government is making all-out efforts to pave the way for female education in Bangladesh. We should remember that education is one of the fundamental rights of both male or female.

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