Good Health Paragraph- for all class students

Good Health Paragraph- for all class students

Paragraph on Good Health

Good Health Paragraph: Good health means soundness of body and mind. It keeps one fit and free from diseases. If anyone observes certain rules, he/she can keep good health. If we want to maintain good health, we have to take a balanced diet, drink pure water, take regular exercise and rest, etc. We also need to observe the rules of cleanliness. As most of the people in our country live below the poverty level, they do not get the food they need for maintaining good health. Even the rich and educated people are not conscious of the rules of good health.

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So, they do not take a balanced diet because they think that costly food means a nutritive food. As a result, most of the people in our country suffer from various complexities. These complexities bear harmful effects on our health like frustration, hopelessness, etc. But only taking a balanced diet is not enough to keep good health. The person who is ambitious and runs after wealth cannot maintain good health. By keeping simple and carefree life one can lead a peaceful life.

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