My Hobby Essay & Composition/ My Favourite Hobby

My Hobby Essay & Composition/ My Favourite Hobby

You can write this as 1. My Hobby Composition/ Essay 2. My Favourite Hobby Essay/ Composition 3. Essay on my hobby (gardening)- suitable for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Essay on My Hobby/ My Favourite Hobby

My Favourite Hobby Composition/ Essay; Hobby is nothing but a kind of pleasant affair. It is one's favorite occupation but not the main business. A man does not depend on it for his living but he derives mental recreation from it. When the mind becomes engaged in any occupation, it works up to a certain limit. Then it wants some changes to relax and to regain energy. Winston Churchill defines hobby, " as an alternative mental interest."

"Hobbies are fun things, which you can do.
They sure can wile away the time for you.
Collecting stamps, Crosses and poetry I write.
I find hobbies can really enrich your life."
----> Jean E. Gorney

An English poet exclaims at the life without any relaxation:

"What's this life full of care?
If you've no time to stand and stare!"

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Hobbies are recreations to those who are engaged in heavy mental responsibilities.There are different kinds of hobbies such as gardening, fioshing, music, touring etc.

"Hobbies, hobbies
So many to choose from
You're lucky that you can
Choose more than one."

I am a student. Like others I also have a hobby of my own. My favourite hobby is gardening. In fact, no other hobby can afford me more pleasure than it.I have a garden of my own in front of my house. Whenever I get time I work in it. I make the soil loose, weed out the grass and plant flower plants in it. I watch them in the morning and in the evening regularly. Again, I also put a fence around my garden with bamboo so that the cattle, fowls and naughty children can not do any harm. I have all types flower in my garden and it is never without flowers. There are both seasonal and permanent flower plants in my garden.

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I feel an ecstasy of pleasure when I visit my flower garden in the morning. They look like stars in the sky. Each flower has a colour and sweet fragrance of its own.
Sometimes my friends come to my garden and they appreciate it. I explain to them the history of important flower plants of my garden. I feel proud when I present a bouquet with them. Sometimes my neighbours ask me for flowers from my garden to decorate their houses and gates.

I have a small plot in my garden for vegetable. I grow cauliflower, cabbages, pumpkin and other vegetables there. My mother becomes very glad when I offer her some vegetables everyday.

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Before I made this garden I used to suffer from loss of appetite and bacame very weak. But when I started this garden, my health improved gradually.Everyday I work at least for two hours. Physical labour and fresh air of this garden is beneficial for health.

Thus my hobby provides me with immense pleasure, no doubt. Everybody should have a hobby to make the leisure hours meaningful and full of merriment. So we should start pursuing our own hobbies without wasting any time. Poet says:

"Hobbies, hobbies
So many to choose
Now choose quick, my friend
There is no time to loose."

In fine, it may be said that a hobby is important in our lives. But there is no room for doubt that too much indulgence in a hobby and neglecting one's duty may spoil one's life. So, I try to keep harmony between my hobby and duty. And I hardly forget the poet's utterance:

"I slept and dreamt that life was beauty
I woke and found that life was beauty."

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