Write a Letter informing the procedures of opening a bank account

Suppose, you are Amin and your brother/ sister/ friend is Anil/ Ruma/ Kabir who lives in 120 Tutpara, Khulna, Bangladesh. Now, write a letter to your younger brother/ sister/ friend informing the procedures of opening a bank account.

Write a letter to your younger sister informing the procedures of opening a bank account

120 Tutpara, Khulna.
23 April 2020

Dear Ruma

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Thank you for your letter in which you have expressed your desire to Open a bank account to deposit your scholarship money. Let me write a few words about the procedures of opening a bank account.

At first, you have to go to a bank and seek the advice of the manager. The manager will give you an application form and instructions. Then you have to fill it up according to the instructions. Next, you have to identify a person who has an account in that bank. The introducer must put his signature, account number, and address in the relevant part of the form. After that, you have to put three specimen signatures in the signature card which will be kept in the bank for verification at the time of the transaction of money.

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You also need to attach two passport size photographs attested by your identifier. Maintaining all these formalities you will be given an account number. Finally, you have to deposit a sum of amount at least one hundred Taka in favour of your account. And this is all about opening a bank account.

No more today. Convey my best regards to mum and dad. Write to me soon after opening the account. Ok!

Your loving brother

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