Write a letter about your progress of studies

Write a letter about your progress of studies

Write a latte to your parents/ friend/ mother/ father telling them/ him/ her about your progress of studies. Or write a letter to your father who wants to know the progress in your studies.

Write a latte to your father/ mother telling him/ her about your progress of studies

33/5, AGB Colony
14 Febmary 2020

Dear Mother/ Father/ Friend

Reverential love to you. I am in receipt of your 3rd instant letter in which you have eagerly wanted to know about the progress in my study. For heaving a sigh of relief I am representing a short note about your aspiration. The long felt S.S.C Examination is knocking at the door and I am not panic-struck at all. My little weakness in English and Maths is already mitigated. Now I am going on revising my subject matters in a cycle order. To speak, the upcoming date of the exam is making me feel boredom as it seems to be far ahead.

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I am also waiting eagerly for the exam to be held. I am impatient now for not abling to sit in the examination hall. I do not believe in cramming in the study. I am strictly following a daily routine. Consequently, I am not in broken health at the thought of the night before the examination. I am in no mental Ianguishment and anguishment. I am carefree relating to my study and forthcoming examination.

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I hope you are gratified to hearing from me now. I am putting an ending mark for this spell of writing. Tender my best regards to clear mum and love to the Elora.

Your loving son/ friend

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