Write a letter describing a street accident that you witnessed

Write a letter describing a street accident that you witnessed

Suppose, you are Jamil and your friend is Maruf who lives in 24, K.D.A., Khulna. Now, write a letter to your friend describing a street/rood accident that you witnessed.

Write a letter to your friend describing a rood/street accident that you witnessed

24, K.D.A., Khulna
19 May 2019

Dear Maruf

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Hope, you are safe and sound by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also well by His blessings. However, you definitely know street accident frequently occurs in our country. As a result, valuable lives and liabilities are lost. Last week, I have watched a terrible street accident at the point of Mailbag. You might have read it in the newspaper as it was published in the Daily Janakantha the following day. It took place at 4.00 pm. A bus coming from Tongi pushed a rickshaw from behind. Then and there the innocent rickshaw puller stumbled down on the street. The pedestrians stood around him and got very excited at this. They seized the bus driver and beat him mercilessly. Then the police came to the spot and saved him from the public reaction. The police investigated the spot and seized the bus.

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I felt very grieved at the unnatural death of the poor fellow. I could not even sleep at that night.
Now I feel light informing you of the dreadful accident.

Please be careful while passing through any street.

With best wishes to you.

Your loving friend

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